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What Graphics Card Do You Recommend?

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Greetings all!

Recently my faithful old ATI Radeon x1300 graphics card was KIA so I'm looking to buy a new one.

Can people throw in some suggestions on makes and models of good reasonably priced graphics cards to help me in deciding what to buy?

The 2 I have been suggested so far are:

ATI Radeon X1950 GT 512mb RAM

ATI Radeon (Saphire) 1650 pro 512mb RAM

I appreciate the help anyone has to offer me :thumbsup:

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An 8800GTS 320MB is a hell of a card, I highly recommend it. If you don't want to spend that much, there are other great cards out there too.

8800GTS 320MB for $280

1950XT 256MB for $165

It's a tough choice, but if you can afford it I suggest a 8800GTS with 640MB, otherwise if you want to be on the slightly cheaper side the 1950XT is an excellent choice.

BTW, don't let the 256MB of RAM fool you, it'll beat out that 1650 Pro every time and almost always beat the 1950GT. If you play at resolutions higher than 1280x1024, then yeah, 512MB or more of card memory is best, but if you play at or below that resolution 256MB will do just fine.

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