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Making bullet hole decals & explosion decals stay longer

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Does anyone know how to make it so that the bullet hole decals stick around longer than 15 seconds? I editted the sustain="15" field in the decals document (in the effects folder) but it seems to have no effect.

If anyone could tell me how I would appreciate it, it would greatly add to immersion to see the area all tore up after a wicked firefight.

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That's exactly what controls it. To determine what surface has what decal, look at the material name and it'll tell you what decal will show up for an impact.

Unless you're referring to my mod, then it's under:

Grenades craters are under:

If you do a search for those exact lines, you'll come up with the string of code that controls the decal, and sustain will be in there.

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I've got a little mod setup that is only Local/English/effects/decals.xml

I have increased values on all sustain="15" but it seems to have no effect on making the decals stick around longer.

Upload and PM me the .xml that you're using and I'll take a look at it.

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Two things:

1. You don't actually have the file in the Local/English/effects/decals folder. Sounds stupid, but it happens, even to the best of us. Sometimes we save the files in a different spot.

2. You over-rided it with another .xml which has changed values.

It works on my system, so the file is ok. It looks like it's on your end.

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