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Skin requests here

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Just want to compliment your skinning job, looks awesome.

Take a loot at Task Force Wraith, to me its still the Numero Uno skin job.

Maybe you should give them a little scare :rofl:

I'll be d/l your skin on BF2 and see how to incorporate that into Project Reality


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Ahh, you play PR? I just transferred from skinning there to GRAW

You can check out some weapon skins i did for PR here


And i had TFW for a while before skinning these, and thought i'd give ACU a try for myself

Ok, since i didn;t get any requests yet...

here's some weapons, woodland MARPAT, and Ghost ACU helmet i did

OD Glock 18


Black SCAR Family (yeah, i know it's been done a billion times)


[WIP] Marine Woodland MARPAT (Don't ask me why they're wearing it in mexico city :P )



Redone Ghost ACU Helmet


that's all for now

Quick question:

For the Ghosts and the Marines i doubled (maybe quadrupled for the Ghosts, don't remember) the resolution of the textures, how much stress will i put on the computers? how much will it affect preformence? I really wanted to take advantage of higher resolution after being with BF2 and it's crud graphics


Marines dressed up as the Rangers from BHD:


go blackburn, go!


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Looking for a Swedish M90 skin, have searched the net - far and wide - without any success. So I'm hoping you could toss this one together for me?

Info about the pattern at:


Photos of the different parts below.











Soldier in gear


Working on that uniform now. Will let you know when completed.


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New Marines ACU Skins:

ACU 101st Airborne Basic infantry (ACU Everything)


SF Infantry w/ Black west



Ranger w/ Ranger green vest



If anyone wants a download link of any of my skins, i can upload it and post links, i have a really bad internet connection, so i don't want to waste my time uploading it if i'm not going to get any downloads, htough i'd be more than happy to upload it if anyone wants them.

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hey how do u add the marines to the ghost team ? like i see like marines with the ghost ?

As I recall, there are uniforms for all the characters, including the army and marine guys, in file. I haven't looked at them yet, but I would assume you could just change the dds files between the two. Could be wrong, but that's the way it looks to me.

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