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Cant Install.. plz Help

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When installing the game I get an error towards the end of installation.

Component: DetectionCommon

File: D:\Support\Detection\detectionapi_rd.dll

Error: Data Error (cyclic redundancy check)

It usually pops up when it shows its installing the graw2.exe.

It went through the entire installation once, and thought I was good to go, but then when I hit the desktop Icon to start the game, it had to look for it, and then told me it was not found.

I would really appreciate any help... I dont know enough about PCs to even know where to start.

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That basically just means that file didn't copy completely from disk to PC (when the PC checked the file it had just copied, it was different to the original on the DVD (part of it was lost/corrupted in transfer))

Examine underside of DVD for any marks or scratches

Try the DVD in another disk drive if your PC has more than one fitted

Option A) If you have unstalled it, then to reinstall: Try copying the entire contents of the DVD to a folder on your hard-drive and then run the setup.exe from the new folder

Option B) if it's still currently installed but wont run because that file (detectionapi_rd.dll) is missing, you can try copying just the missing file

from [DVD Drive]\Support\Detection

*(Under "My computer", right click on DVD drive and select "Explore" to be able to browse the files on DVD)

to [Hard drive]\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\Support\Detection

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