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Good Job Grin on GRAW2

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There seems to be a fair amount of negativity on these forums at the moment, because it would seem that everybody didn't get everything they ever wanted in a FPS game with GRAW2 despite the fact that they clearly informed Grin and UBI of what was required to make the perfect game. :whistle:

While no game is perfect and there is always some room for improvement, I think that Grin have delivered a pretty good game out of the box. :grin2:

There will no doubt be some patches to address some issues and perhaps even add some content and given Grin's track record with patches this can only be a good thing and lets not forget the incredibly talented modding community who I'm sure will really take this game forward once they get a good handle on how things work.

This only my opinion of the game we got and just thought it might be nice to have a topic with a positive theme amongst the others. :D

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Has really good maps, some nice game coding also, good job.

And good job for responding on forums to the GR community, the community in general does really benefit from this.

Im gonna go figure out how to do some map editing and see what we can make. I see there are a few ladders out there, Im gonna go enlist in an Aussie one and git me some noobs !

gj again, keep it up ! big GRIN her for sure

oh and another thing, that GRIN when the game starts is totally awesome, whats the chances of putting it to some Christina Aguilera backgound music... and while your at it, can u hook me up with her mobile number..... (I know thats not "realistic" but let me dream on....)

=Lord= Flash

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lol Flash, you're getting wierder by the day.

you have to wait for the map editing, although if u have GRAW laying about you can get a feel for the concept - I cant wait to see how many objects GRIN has to lay down.

i thought CryTeks objects library was comprehensive, but this one is right up there with it.

and good post Blooz - unfortunately the negative posts seem to outweight the positives and thats just not fair on GRIN.

there will always be things that can be improved here n there, but I think the short space of time GRIN has had to produce the second instalment - it is bloody fantastic.

I actually played the island map today - not sure of the name , the one with the ocean. I didnt think Diesel would ever produce Crysis type graffix, but it is right up there with it, and in some ways has a much more gritty feel then the shiny Crysis.

Also, I questioned the ability of the Diesel engine to be able to handle vegetation, and it has done it beautifully too.

While GRAW left me wanting, GRAW2 just leaves me wanting more and more and more.


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Rare is the time anymore when I pay full price for a game, but GRAW2 was an exception. The demo sold me on the game. I saw I could use multiple approaches to the mission to complete it and the enemy reacted differently each time. I've used suppressed, I've gone unsuppressed and have gotten different responses each time. I'm up to ACT II, just finished 2nd mission. The game runs smoother on my computer than GRAW1, the enemy doesn't automatically see you at max range when you are on recon, but they still shoot through bushes with great accuracy. I was hoping they would include a gameplay type or 2 for us SP only types but they skipped over us again. I've tried the lan play [GR] missions, enjoyed the maps, but hate the pre-selected kits--would have preferred being able to pick own weapons as it was in GRAW1. Downside to [GR] missions--can't take any AI with you. Question for those in the know--manual talks of being able to select recon or firefight scenario but not how to do it. Looking forward to the modders' contribution once editor is released.

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Please do not confuse a post which accurately points out missing features that were desired for overall negativity.

As I have stated on many occassions, GRiN is the premier Tac-Sim developer in the world right now. Their work is excellent and very high quality. So is their commitment to their work. They have shown nothing but integrity and tenacity in a sea of developers who do not know how to support their products.

I have nothing but the utmost respect for GriN as a company. and I love their games.

I loved GRAW1. And by the time v1.35 came out, it was a classic and will remain one. I played GRAW1 Campaign coop last night.

GRAW2 was worth every bit of 50 bucks. I bought it the day it came out without reservation. And I have no regrets.

Furthermore, I am in an ArmA group rightn ow and I am telling EVERYONE I KNOW THERE TO BUY IT. I have personally been responsible for convincing about 5 people to buy it so far who did so purely on my opinion. And I continue to tell everyone to buy it. Without reservation.... It is an awesome game.

But I still wish to point out things that I feel need to be done. And if those come across as "game bashing", then that is the reader placing "tone" on my text. I am not saying that the game is bad. I'm saying that certain things can be oh so much better and I hope to convince the developers to consider them by elucidating the issues.

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No doubt Sleep. I see Blooz's point, let Grin know they did a great job. I feel the same way as Sleepdoc, I love the game, and suggest anyone to go out and but it. Well done job.

Pointing out some missing things or other features we'd like to see added/deleted/changed should never be taken as negativity/bashing. I have said before, if in the course of creating a patch, that any of these "requests" are manageable to include, was something that was missed by the dev team, or generally sounds like a good idea to add, it would be nice to see.

Maybe it can be taken as "The requests will never end", :wall: just look at it as a community that really cares.....maybe too much. :D

Hopefully the Game editor for modders will take care of many of the requests. :hmm:

Again, great job on Graw2 Grin :grin1:

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No doubt Sleep. ........ just look at it as a community that really cares.....maybe too much. :D

Bingo. Its an expression of passion. If I wasn't passionate about GRiN's work, I wouldn't be here.

you know those guys who come to a forum and post "This game sux ... I'll never play it', and then do that week after week? the ones who keep getting response posts like "Then why are you here"? I'm not one of those guys. If I think something is terrible, I might make one or 2 posts expressing my discontent then I am gone gone gone.

GRiN is top notch. so are their products ...

Now back to pointing out those missing Campaign coop features ...... ;)

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Personally, I'm loving it. There are some bugs (just like every game) and some things which could be improved on (just like any game).... but the overall package was well worth the money. Good job GRIN, and I can't wait to see what you guys fix/add in the coming patches.

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Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents of positivity towards GRIN for a great job on GRAW2; they've managed to actually accomodate some of the demands of a fairly discriminating community while saddled with a dev who seems hellbent on demolishing the product at every turn. I'm thoroughly impressed. (Hand clapping sound.)

Being a professional critic, I feel compelled to toss in my mini-review . . .


Graphics and sound seem improved over GRAW (I upgraded machines in anticipation of GRAW2 and it's paid off)

RoE is back - huzzah for stealth

More guns - who doesn't like choice?

MP maps are great, so far (except 'Nowhere' . . . god****ed snipers)

RVA - Great gamemode

An attempt to balance the weapons in MP (see below)

THE NOT-SO-GOOD (putting in these critiques in anticipation of GRAW3, which I'm assuming will be just about perfect)

Everyone still seems able to take several hits without batting an eyelash, much less staggering and having their aim thrown off. It's body armor, not a mech; even a 9mm is going to knock a sniper's scope off-target . . . bring back the bullet impact effect!

An attempt to balance the weapons in MP with kits . . . .noooo; bring back the custom kits! Better yet, let players save their kits for easy access. I can appreciate the idea of balance, but I think it could be accomplished by restricting certain combinations rather than dictating kits as a whole. Still, I've seen less tubers running around, so I think things are kind of on the right track. As it stands, some of the kits are just odd . . . an unscoped M14 and a scoped smg? I just want an M14 with a red dot or ACOG . . . is that so wrong?

Basically, though, I'm loving this game and have a feeling that it's going to suck up all my free time. Good thing my girl's out of the country for another few weeks. Once again, wtg GRIN.

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