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Basic Weapon Modding Tutorial - illustrated

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Basic Weapon Modding Tutorial: FileFront Download Link

I put together a more elabroate tutorial for getting weapons into either Graw1 or Graw2. This is the method I use for adding new content. I tried to cover all the "basic" apsects including the skin modifier but minus the actual 3d modeling and texturing(there are plenty of tutorials on that through out the web). I used a very basic model which is provided in the tutorial. The tutorial is in pdf format with sample files and 5 stages of the mod are provided as well for reference.

Future tutorials may cover sound, scopes, attachments, etc. Depends on if there's a real need or if I have time. But really if you can follow this one, you can pretty much figure out how to do almost anything. I say almost because some things appear to be hard-coded into the game.

Sample Pages:





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It gives a filefront error, we don't even get a chance to download the zip.

Your download cannot be completed at this time. Please try again later by re-visiting FileFront.com.

I get that here too. I'll have to reupload it when I get home. Not sure what the issue is. People seem to have downloaded it before.

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