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Any Good Anti-Spyware Programs?

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I currently use Spybot. I used to use Ad Aware. I have no clue why, but everytime I use Ad Aware now I get a blue screen system crash. Are there any good anti-spyware programs anyone can recommend? I fear because I lost Ad Aware, spyware will take over my computer.

Here is one of the error codes I get when running Ad Aware:

7-22-2007 3:13:50 PM

Error code 00000051, parameter1 00000004, parameter2 00000001, parameter3 e108c008, parameter4 006ea358.

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A little late to the party (I'm out of town right now, have been for almost 2 weeks, but going home Wednesday, w00t!), but I can recommend a few things. The first would be Spyware Terminator. Another would be AVG Anti-Spyware. If you are willing to spend a little money, then Spy Sweeper is a good option. Also, are you using the newest install of AdAware? Try uninstalling it, downloading the newest version, install that, update the program, and try it again. I know there are other free ones out there, but I cannot remember any names anymore.

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In these order:

all free version of AVG are great.


Spybot (update/scan/immunize,in that order)


Uninstall Ad-Aware and d/l most current version and install. I had one occurrence, and this seems to fix it.

Good luck

Pass on any Microsoft stuff.

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I did uninstall Ad-Aware and reinstall the most latest version of it. Ad Aware still crashes my computer everytime I run it so I removed it from my hard drive.

I will try SpyBlaster. Thanks for the information.

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Free edition, works on Vista and found it finds everything adaware and spybot does + removes things that normally need other tools such as spyhunter and others that need smitremove program

Auto updates everytime you start your pc after it asks you if you want to.

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