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How is it?

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Great by, the best game I bought this year. And it was not very expensive either.

I agree the best game out so far this year suites what I want in a FPS, even the AI are not completely stupid & your team members even contribute.

My opinion only.


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I've decided to see how it's comparing to GRAW... any better/worse?

For all of you who know I was...er... rather harsh with GRiN on the subject of GRAW 1... yes, I bought GRAW 2 and have been playing it since yesterday.

While there still are issues (I've had 5 CTD events today, and a saved game that was acting VERY weird when I would re-load it)... GRAW 2 is light-years better than GRAW 1. I tip my hat to GRiN for a job-well-done.

Now, here's hoping Ubi-Shaft gives them the money to do some patches and a few expansion packs. I'd spend money for more SP content, without a doubt.

BUT... where's the editor? As good as GRAW 2 seems to be, without community-developed material it will not have the longevity we all crave. Right now that is the one item on the "critical path" between GRAW 2 being good and being the TRUE successor to [GR].


callsign threepoint

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Partial comparision. (SP)

Ghost AI: :AW2

It is much better in AW2, the ROE commands works fairly well, pathfinding isn't as bad and overall you have to babysit less in this version.

It is kind of hit and miss with some of the support elements.

Bandito AI: :AW

Maybe I'm jaded but they seem dumb as posts, on all levels of difficulty.

Maps: :AW2

Here again, it might be that :AWs level sets just got old after awhile but :AW2 maps do seem to offer more variety.

Physics: :AW

It seems as if you like to blow stuff up just for the hell of it, or just watch, a PPU is required. It has been watered down (no more Havok?).

And watching the Ageia crews credits roll by at the end of the campaign was pretty telling. Nepotism, anyone?


Buy. It's only 50 bucks. :D

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