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Did this today

Hung my speakers below and put the sub behind the support in the middle. The front center speaker was tossed behind the monitor ... actually sitting on the monitor stand.







took all day but its nice..... going to remount the R and L a little further out aswell.

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wow, that's an interesting way of hiding/using your speakers.

I guess personal taste.

I usually prefer my speakers at ear level---it gets to be that way when you get old.

:rofl: What? What ya say? :rofl:

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usually i use headphones for gaming like it and desktop mics suck...

but cant do that all the time with the 5.1s so for music and general pc usage i like them hidden....

as for sound they do get muffled slightly hanging under... but the trebel was to high before and eitherway with the X-FI settings I can tweak it to sound right

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