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Medic Class soldier?

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Medic healing capabillities are Xbox360 only!

The doc you are referring to is probably Xbox360 info.

Only plus side on a medic in PC would have been that there had to be a Health system with the game. Now as I see it, this is lacking the PC version.

So, in conclusion: No medic class in PC version of GRAW2 :thumbsup:

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Has anyone found out how to get or use Medic class soldier ???

Or if you need to play i kind of mode??

In the selling Doc it said and I quote

"Heal the intire team,including squad leader Scott mitchell,with

the all new Medic class of soldier"

please help



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You know, I read something in the manual that the Ghosts DON'T die. they're either injured on incapacitated and that a medi-vac will come pick them up. So, you can't use them in the next round, but WILL be available in the round after that.... :)



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