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Ideas for Weapons Mods

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this is an interesting idea too


but you can't flip the scope to the side, you have to remove it completely. targeting ranges can change faster than you think, fumbling should be reduced to a minimum in those situations. that's why i favour the ACOG/Docter solution.

And that's just a regular Aimpoint with an Aimpoint 3x mounted behind it, all it does is give you 3 times magnification through the aimpoint sight.

but you can change from 1x to 3x in an instant. at least faster than with the HMS.

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and the Spector that WP33 suggested, which is revolutionary for it's capability to switch between red-dot and scope sight.

revolutionary? as far as i know we already have a sight capable of switching between red-dot and scope ingame. GRIN just altered (shortened) it a bit so maybe you didn't recognize it, and its function was restricted to red-dot only.


There is no crosshair on the CQ/T. It's a dot within two concentric circles.


The CQ/T is 1-3x. Good stuff. Another optic I'd consider getting if it didn't cost so farkin much. :D

Actually, this is more like it.


or this:


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got me, its still missing an inch, but its obviously the one from the older screenshots. this one has 4x magnification, do they feature a red-dot too? a medium-range sight would also have been a useful addition to the game, but i know a game shouldn't be too overloaded with features (thats what the modders are for ^^)

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Can anyone brave enough meet up with the challange of makeing

Mk14 Mod 0

and entire

HK 416 seris

HK 417 seris

if no one wants brave enough go for this challange well then thats ok...

not like anyone gonna point a Katana sword at you force you hehe

[Merged with existing thread]

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Um, Ballistic? WHat was the point of posting the link for this thread? I know we're making measly requests but Brettzies already started on a mod for the M468 which is an indicator that someone has been reading this thread. So lets keep the ideas rollin.

Post #105


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