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Knock Up Job on Music

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Well funny enough, I already have the CDs for Ministry's and Deftones' songs since I'm into hard rock and metal. Just don't have the Iggy Pop and The Stooges CD. In fact I was listening to Ministry's Hero today on my iPod when I was out for my morning walk. Hahaha it just started playing now on my playlist. I remember seeing it in a video for the 360 version of GRAW 2 and I'll buy a whole CD just for one song. That's what I did with this. But I've always liked the Deftones. I didn't think the insertions and extractions would be that great but I think it sorta made it more dramatic and felt like I was watching a movie at times. I still would love to do the 1st person extractions myself. It has it in one or two missions(won't spoil it for those who haven't played the full game yet) but I just like the feeling of being there even if it is just a game.

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no bank files in the sound folder. did anyone actually extract the music?

Yes, I did.

First you need to download Nemon's bunde extractor. You can download it here

Then you need to download this program called Python.

And then you need to download this extractor by Firefly2442.

To make it as easy as possible, put the extractor under


Start the extractor.

It will ask you about a wave.bank file which you can find in any of the music folders (act01, act01_memo_music, menu_music etc.).

After you've selected the wave.bank file it will ask you about the wave.xml which you can find in the same folder as the wave.bank file.

After you've selected the wave.xml file you're done.

You can put together the act music in Movie maker.

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knock up job?

Who got knocked up?

Is this one of those English vs. American breakdowns in the use of idiomatic expressions?


<obviously, I have nothing better to do this sunday morning than troll the posts looking to make useless, self described "witty" remarks>

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tnx, worx fine. a lot of the music sounds redundant - sfx all sound the same i guess. where are the soundtracks you were referring to? I'd like to put some music in the background. come to think of it, we could make a 'weapon' that plays loud music. talk about distracting and psyching out the tangoes.

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