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How are your framerates?

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Played through the first three campaign missions last night and was distressed to experience much chugging at minimum acceptable graphics settings. Hopefully this will only be an issue when there is a lot of supporting AI, smoke, vehicles, etc. like at the end of the third scenario at the supermarket.

Lowering the res to 800 x 600 was hideously ugly had had little effect. Textures are set to low, ditto post effects. Dynamic shadows and lighting off. Does anyone know what might make the most decisive difference? For exanple, is Trilinear filtering more of a hog than Anisotropic? I could use some guidance here. My specs are:

P4 2.8 GHz

Ati x800xl

Win XP + SP2


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Well i have a P4 3.2 ghz, 2 gb RAM and a 8800GTS 640mb( yes i know there is a bottleneck) and i have everything up except AF which is at 8x and am playing at 1280x1024 and i get around 30-40 FPS, whereas in multiplayer i get 23-30 fps. It's good enough for me.

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no offense to the OP but you have a pretty dated system there...

your 2.8 cpu almost 4 generations of cpu old, its not dual core and is just old technology. Your ghx card is decent, but really your cpu is your bane at this point..

dont expect to play any new current gen games at a decent clip while having a pretty looking game at the same time...

e6600 @3.2

8800GTX @ 625/2000

2 gigs of ram

I force Vsync on - max all in game settings 1680x1050 and I rarely drop below 50-60fps in MP

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My fps are awesome in GRAW 2. I play at 1,024x768@75hz, 100%terrain detail, physics on normal, textures on medium, dynamic shadows on high, effects on high, texture filtering at 16x, dynamic lights on, post effects on high and edge smoothing on. The game runs better than the original with same settings on my rig. Loving the new engine GRIN. :thumbsup:

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E6320 C2D clocked to 2800

BFG 8800GTS oc 320mb

2gb PC6400

Running 1440 x 900 60hz, with all settings as auto , so a lot on high.

Sp I'm getting stable 80+fps under heavy conditions. MP with 25 plus players I'm getting anywhere between 75 & 100fps, dependant on situation.

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I use vsync on so never get above 60. I usually have between 30-60 fps, shadows on high really brings down performance but they really look like ###### for me on any other setting so I either have them on high or turn them off. I think there is something seriously wrong wth 2900xt and GRAW because I don´t remember the shadows being this blocky on my x1959xt.


Everything on high

AF at 8x


2GB ram

2900xt 512MB

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