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WOW, this game is so awesome!

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I finally got to sit down and play the sp campaign today and am now on mission 3. This game is great. So much better than the first one. The mule is very cool. The game also runs better than the first one. I just want to say to GRIN that you guys have made one of the best games I have ever played. It's everything I hoped for and then some. This game was well worth the wait. Thanks again GRIN, you rule! :g_withgrin:

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I'm loving the SP too. Not sure about the Mule, to be honest... I kind of forgot it was there! But, I spent about 2.5 hours completeing mission 2 on Hardcore (no reloads) - not necessary, I know, but I play this as if my life depended on it, and it's awesome! I know some people prefer quicker gameplay etc, but for me this game has been amazingly good so far. The new ROE and crosscom orders add to the game like you would not believe, if you actually use them :)

MP maps seem a lot better than GRAW 1 in that they offer more variety in how you "handle" them. Careful gameplay can benefit you now, as long as the server doesn't have a silly timeframe set. Good stuff :) The COOP is great... although I do think Colin's suggestions in that other thread are VERY valid.

Good job GRIN, much improved over GRAW 1., and an awesome way to spend your free hours :)

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I also want to throw my thanks in for this game. I picked it up last night at Gamestop and got through Mission 2. I love the cloud motion and land variations and it's just beautiful to look at. I like how the menu's are layed out and that there is no yellowish tint. The non linear maps are a huge plus! I hate when games have a scripted path.

SP GRAW 2 got my heart racing just like [GR]. (Didn't really have that feeling with GRAW, but still liked that one too). I don't play very much MP, due to lack of time. Maybe with this one I will have to make the time.

Once again...glasses up to GRIN for this one! :thumbsup:

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The new ROE and crosscom orders add to the game like you would not believe, if you actually use them :)

Good job GRIN,.......................

Yep. "Actually using features", as you put it, is part of the immersion that tends to develop over time when playing GRiN games. GRAW1 had the same effect on me. I liked the game, but when I started to explore how to use the additional features rather than justt trying to move through the maps, I got much more useful feedback on my surroundings, and felt far more immersed in their world.

ROE and using the cross com for orders is one of those things in GRAW2, as you pointed out.

In GRAW1, i alway used the small, upper left hand corner cross come view to see danger as i moved my guys forward, but almost no one commented on it. It became a vital tool for me.

Have you noticed that the new "mini blue cross comm" isa ctually much improved from GRAW1? The level of detail (edge detail in particular) you can see and correlate to the real world is now SOOOOOOO much better.

So long before i go into full screen cross comm (which can leave you exposed becuase you are oh so way heads down), you can pick up alot about what they are seeing just by glancing qiuckly at the mini blue cross comm.

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