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Coop Campaign Server Disappears off GS list

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In Graw1 coop campaign the server used to be visable in the online server list every time you got back to the lobby screen, allowing people to join/rejoin whenever a mission was not in progress, but in Graw2 (in my experience) its only visible at the very first briefing.

Now coupled with the fact that people drop quite often this is getting real annoying as we have to restart the server everytime someone needs to rejoin.

Its got to the point that were having to use Hamachi as the LAN list does seem to update, but thats not great as server upload speed doesnt seem to be configurable on a LAN server, which can make the game lag out.

So To Grin...Please Fix This Or Add Either A Direct IP Connect Option For Online Servers or Add A Server Upload Speed Option To Lan Servers....

Thanks :)

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BUG REPORT - Campaign Coop server wont show on GS List, but regular coop shows up just fine

Myself and another freind have messed with this for quite some time now. We have been tracking down what we thought was a problem on our end. but it appears to be a probelm with the game. A Bug ...


If i host a simple online server game of regular coop (for example, hosting the Quarry map), I can do so with ease. My windows firewall can be on and my Linksys router firewall can remain on without any port forwarding. My friends can see my server on gamespy 100% of the time.

If I host a game of Campaign Coop, my server can not be found by any of my friends on Gamespy. Even if i turn off both my firewalla or use the DMZ etc etc.

If my friend tries to host, he has the same problem 90%-95% of the time. Out of multiple attempts, i was finally able to see his server. But the next time, it was gone. its intermittent.

We chased this down for a long time, where both of us had all firewalls down and our routers in the DMZ. And our routers are pretty standard linksys and netgear stuff.

Searching other posts and other forums, i see others a e having the issue as well. and for some it too is intermittent. Hosting other types of games is not problematic at all without changing any settings. I think in the other posts i searched, they did not yet get it clear in their head that the issue appears to be isolated to campaign coop. But it appears that this is the issue.

2 more details.

someone suggested that if i uninstalled hamachi and rebooted, it would fix the problem. It did not. Both my buddy and I tried in both directions.

If I use hamachi and try to connect for LAN campaign Coop, it works just fine.

So me and my buddies will use Hamachi for now But I'm 95% confident my bug report is accurate. I would need to spend too much time to track it down deeper.

And BTW. We opened ICMPv4 and V6 on his vista comptuer, as per Bo's idea. my comptuer is XP sp2.

[Merged with your original thread on this in Tech Spt]

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MP COOP Campaign, why can't we host others

or can we? can't people connect to my system if I host a COOP campaign server online?

I haven't heard about this.

[Merged with the other threads on this Phenomenon/Bug]

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I have hosted a campaing coop server almost every day since the game released for members of our Team with very few problems ? If i were you i would check you port/ router setting if you hare heving trouble :yes::yes:

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I am able to set up a regular server and have people join, but when i set up a Campaign COOP server, noone can see it on the server list. The mission plays for me, but it does not show on the server list for people to join.

Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem


P.S. This is PC version and NOT the console.

[Merged with the other two threads on this Phenomenon/Bug]

Thanks Pave!

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Its sure is a strange one this ?? as it only seems to effect some people??

I have noticed that if you refresh the server list a few times the number of coop campains servers change ?? and some show names and maps and others dont ? Just maybe it is a program error thats stopping the server showing rather than people not being able to put up a sever ??

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I have hosted a campaing coop server almost every day since the game released for members of our Team with very few problems ? If i were you i would check you port/ router setting if you hare heving trouble :yes::yes:

Hi Hammer,

As per my post, I have checked the living bejeezuz out of my ports and routers and firewalls. There seems ot be an element of luck or something that allows some to be successful and others not.

Did you read my post? ;) Youwould know I checked. :yes::yes:

It also stated that I can host everything else wihtout issue on the same settings, but If I got to campaign coop, my server is usddenly not visible on the gamespy list.

Finally, look around. Many others are reporting the same issue. Its something intefering with this gme type hosting. but we cnnot figure out what it is.

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After reading many post, still not be able to fix our problem.

We're already using Hamachi and no one in our team is able to host a campaige that all team member can see, usually one to two person can see it. The only solution we found is by turning off Windows firewall and removing the host's rounter. We've tried to change the require configure in Windows firewall and turning off my router's firewall but no luck. DMZ wouldn't help at all either.

We all have different kind of routers but none of them work. Mine is WRT54G with DD-WRT. Such a pain playing this game cause we'll have to reconnect those wires and the other PC can't go online.

So up to patch 1.04 won't help.

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