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Wow! ###### Poor

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Unbelievable. Being a huge fan of the [Ghost Recon] and not so much so of graw 1 but graw 2? It made almost no improvements to the pathetic AI.

This game is unrealistically way to hard and BS on 'easy' settings. Having to replay a mission 10+ times because you keep getting hit by AI that see you and can shoot you but you cant shoot them? or how bout the snipers you kill, they duck...and then fire/clip through balconies and kill you? and cliping issues where you can hardly lean past a vehicle to get a couple rounds off. The dam mission? 15+ times! the border bridge? another 15+ times...not only frustrating but totally crap. and the harder difficulty is that much more far fetched. And I AM a good player...not uber leet enough for this game I guess. Any sniper that can see you will almost always instantly kill you unless you squirm around everywhere on your stomach.

All in all what a waste of time. They didnt fix any of the problems that plagued the first game instead added a little more graphical enhancement and different missions....even the missions didnt vary all that much compared to graw 1.

Very poor...this game will be hitting the bargain bin in no time. Its not going to be everyone's opinion and thats fine...but this game wasnt even fun. I dont believe having to replay a single mission 10-15-20 + times on the easiest difficulty setting is fun.

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I didn't care a lot for the first GRAW. The second one is pretty damn good, though. I don't see how being a crybaby is going to encourage any company to make improvements either by new generations of the game or by patches. I'm not crazy about the polarized difficulty but I can deal with it, just practice more or "ask" the publisher to work on it for a future patch.

The fading market of PC shooters means that we need to get together on this stuff to make the best of what we get and support the companies that will keep making these for us.

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a_user, the improvements are more then you give credit. sure the AI shoot probably too damn well but, usually when I get ###### at this, i realise that I should've gone prone to get them to expose themselves.

AI is a tricky boat to steer. hell scientists have been trying for years to get computer AI to be realistic as humans but, it is nowhere near perfect and might never be. sorry to send you bad news. But PC game AI might never achieve what you expect in your lifetime. I should think that with quad core architecture here and more cores in the future, using an entire core for AI, one for physics...things could get better. could.

but relax, GRAW2 is a huge improvement over GRAW1 on soo many levels. But if you feel like you don't like the game on the AI level then why not stick to Multiplayer instead?

but anyway, welcome to GR.net

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And I just had an experience with that , ROCO*AFZ*. F.E.A.R., not to go OT. But I finished the vanilla game in one work night at war. (Admittedly, not much of a war for us fobbits.) Finished the Extraction Point XP in another work night. Did I appreciate the game being PowerPuff Girls easy? NOPE.

So if GRAW2 is CHALLENGING, then so much the better. I'm not paying for cake walk SP.

And as for the above title, I'm going back for more at a higher difficulty level tonight. It'll never be like [GR] for learning curve, but it can at least TRY to be fun...

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I don't really see the problem here. Snipers should be lethal. I mean, they are snipers after all, you know with scopes and high caliber etc.

To be honest I actually prefer the enemy AI from GRAW1 as they were more "human" IMO.

People complained about how easy it was for the AI to spot you, but hey. If you can spot them then why should they be able to spot you?

The enemy AI in GRAW2 is only better when it comes to the recon aspect of the game as it is easier to be stealthy than in GRAW1.

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I dont believe having to replay a single mission 10-15-20 + times on the easiest difficulty setting is fun.

I believe we are trying to get together walk throughs, maybe even videos, for those less able people real soon.




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a_user is entitled to his opinion even if crudely written. just though as a thought. You know easy is for the kids and hardcore is for the "i won't be able to finish it in one day" types right?

Sure, everybody is entitled to have their own opinion. But, a post can (and should) be constructive. I believe that is even a forum rule :unsure:

Some of a_user's points are true (according to similar points others made about the game). Though it wouldn't hurt to specify the problem in a way the developers know what to enhance.

Welcome a_user :thumbsup:

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