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can't join server...

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Hey folks,

quick question:

I can't seem to join a server in GRAW 2 multiplayer - the game tries to connect, but nothing happens. I let it sit for 15 minutes, tried all the servers in the list - nil. With the multiplayer demo, I can always connect in 2-10 seconds, just tried it, no problems at all. I checked my firewall, that should be ok....

any suggestions?

thank you!

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I have the same problem.

gosh, I thought I was the only poor soul! good from you to keep me company :)

Doesn't anybody have a clue what the problem might be?

This is getting serious, ive got the same prob, if the server is passworded it will ask me for the password, but to connect to any open server it just says " Connecting to server", this only started tonight, it was fine till then, ive now reinstalled, put myself on a dmz (all ports open) and still no luck, please can anyone thow any light on this problem

Thanks in advance

Steve aka DoW Bulldog

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hmmmm do all of u have the FTP ports blocked by any chance?

Nah Mate, its on a DMZ, and it was working until last night with my firewall on!!!! it just stop working out the blue, I even went to a system restore point 48 hours before, it still wont work, i agree it looks like a ports issue, but it definately not my machine - Someone please help !!!!!

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