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The winter retexture of "The Farm" ?


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NOTE: The self installer actually drops the mod into your GR main directory. In case anyone thinks they lost it.

Pls Read the Read-Me Files included also as Mig has suggested.



thanks for mentioning that Tinker, I forgot about that..

Holy moly... that is one *hell* of a map-pack...

I think I just found my maps for a winter Afghan campaign... Winter Aurora with Deleyt's mountain skybox... it's worth the d/l for that piece of artwork alone, and I'm here to tell you I just sat there for about 5 mins looking at the view. Operation Flashback in about 10 years, anyone?

Seriously, thanks again, guys. This one is solid gold!!


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Hey guys. Thanks for all the nice words on my winter mod. It didnt get as big as i hoped it would. the main problem was the size of the download. It was done for IGS leagues, BQL, and a few other leagues used it as well. Thats why there was never no missions included. I had alot of help along the way. Sleeper was the man and pretty much taught me everything :thumbsup: I have no idea how i missed the problem on big castle as we played that map alot during beta testing. Im sorry for that. I still have most of my files on disc at home. If anyone wants all the textures i used etc ill gladly look for them and send them. I have stuff from brick,dirt,wood,logs, to ice. it may make a nice download to.

If i can be of any help just email me at bludawg@hotmail.com or post on our forums


Thanks again Sleeper and to everyone else i met and talked to at GR.net that helped me.

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ditto Hammer....that would make a nice modders package for sure...thanks again 'Bludawg for sharing your mod with us....and permission given to use some of those wonderful maps..I have about 60 tangos on the BigCastle retexture now, plus 7 vehs...just need to figure exactly which of my objectives ideas I'll include and that one will be at test stage...may have to wait for a couple of cool placeable items just yet though...if so, I'll ponder what other map might also go toward more missions...for P2..

mig :ph34r: (mark)

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