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GRAW2 Spotting for GRIN

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just in from al jazera

"got it with my new UBI head gear"

*delete if inapropriate*

Anyone get the address on that shipping label? Mitchell wants to call in an airstrike.

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This is my youngest, she was spotting for me when playing mission 3 yesterday. She also does the stance key for me, so the second she see's the bad guy, she puts Mitchell prone :rofl:

She also reminds me when there's a tank that I "need bombs". LMAO.

Sweet! thanks!

I SO want a pic of Ruggbutt.....

With or without graw2? Think theres one of him without somewhere.

just a side note. I wont be buying it untill I see some decent mods coming out....but just from the demo I can tell you the game wouldnt go in the microwave... still not quite my cup of tea yet though.

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