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GRAW2 Spotting for GRIN

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Squad_E has the 360 version in his pic.

@krise, lol. Most people probably won't realise but the three blonde girls are actually not the same girl.

Those of you from Scandinavian countries ought to know who girls numbers 2 and 3 are. Those of you from Germany ought to know who number 4 is.

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It don't matter if your PC or Xbox..


MJ caught with the press late this weekend holding a copy of GRAW 2 PC.


MJ thinks GRAW 2 PC is just "too bad"..


Conlusion, Mj knows the kids can't resist a good game of graw 2 ..

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This is not my submission, but I guess it falls under the "GRAW 2 Shows Up in the Strangest Places" category.

Medical proof as to why Oliver Reed is so irritable. It seems a copy of GRAW 2 has found it's way into his keyster:


OH YEAH - thats the best :)

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