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Fan Art! Woo hoo!

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(you can click to enlarge, btw)

If only that worked for things IRL... :D

(sorry, had to be done...)

Cool drawin'! :thumbsup:

Doesn't that work with you anymore?...lol

I'll ask my son to add some colors to the drawing (nice one, the only thing a bit off is the hand holdong the bipod IMO, but I can't draw it any better) :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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Let me submit my entry as "Chemical Warfare!"


Did you do the artwork for RBI Baseball for the original nintendo?

No just PoE, Blackhawk and 2142. 2142 never grabbed my stuff because of the vulgarity in it. I am also going to do a manual, if need be, for Matrix's Campaign Series.

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