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where are Screen Shots saved ?

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In Vista the server side screenshots are stored here:


I would assume the player screenshots would be stored there also. In GRAW 1 they were stored in your profile folder if I remember correctly.

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What? In the demo, the action for the "k" key was listed as "screenshot," but it wasn't functioning. Is the screenshot function of the "k" key not listed in the full version?

"k" is default for "quick save" if I remember correct. Don't know if the screenshot function is still in the game.

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Doh! Right you are. Sorry, about that. No client screen shot capability is a real bummer.

Yeh, me too. Loving the game, but perplexed by some minor ommissions like this that should be a given in all games.

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There is a default bound key 'PRNT SCRN' in the options/controls/misc section of the window.

Someone at Grin must be chuckling about now. Looks like they "optimised" that feature right out of the game.


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