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Magpul Masada

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Cheers guys.

And I now remember why I've waited for so long to do the xml setups for all the rifles :wall: It's CTD heaven here, I've asfar as I can see replicated the original gamefiles but nothing is working. I'll have to get back to it in the morning because at the moment it's really frustrating the hell out of me! Time to go hit the grogg I think :drunk:

Oh well, least I managed to get the MEUSOC in properly.


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Oh it ain't in yet mate so hold on the celebrations.

I'm still going to have to figure out how to export it as an ironsight and still get the benefit from the lit reticle, that just might be an impossible thing to do for all I know.

And i just ran another ingame test of my 3 masada versions...the 7.62 version works perfectly but the 2 5.56 versions are causing a CTD. So I've got a clue to where it's going wrong atleast, most likely something to do with the magazine.

EDIT: LMFAO! Found the problem. It had nothing to do with my gamesettings but everything to do with me being a stupid SOB and using an old borked max file for the export of the 5.56mm mags. Substituting the gfx_mag_loda "name" for gfx_body_loda does tend to give the game a reason to kick you up the ######. :wall:

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Another? Gosh, sofar Ive only got one tester....myself. Plus Lancer lined up to test things out when I get to a stage where it's nearning release, and I don't want to cheat him out of it as he's got my snailmail addy and access to more things that can go "boom" than what I'd like to think of. :unsure:

But yeah, more than one tester might be a good idea ;)

Here's the full lineup ingame now that I've sorted the CTD issue.


Left to do would be to paint the final details in to the SPR versions texture, make a new vertical grip for the Carbine versions, a new 40mm launcer for the Carbines and 3 new sights.

Plus get the images for the equippment screen done and working.

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Well...I don't have any plans of combining it with Brettzies mod from the start, I could make it compatible by not using the same id numbers that he has. But that will still require some xml editing before it will work together.

But...we'll have to hold back and see what this new patch from GRIN brings in, there are one thing in there that points towards easier implementation of mods than what we have todate.

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One update and one "fix" for today.

The update is that the new vertical grip is in and working as it should.


And the fix was a simple little xml based thing, I originally used my old material settings for the MEUSOC and it looked like it was made of glass ingame. While checking through some of the GRAW2 material files I noticed just about all of them has an additional line in regards to reflection multiplier. With that line in my material.xml file everything looks good again, like it was metal instead of a mirror...lol

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Alright, lets see if todays update is more exciting...lol

Only ended up partially the way I wanted it but atleast it's working and the sights are more or less zeroed, with alittle more work I might just get it to work better.


And the view through the Eotech, it's not exactly your longrange scope but it's mostly bang on for close in work :rambo:



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Snow, that's just not fair. :D It's soooo tasty!

As an aside, is it possible to lift the weapon up on the shoulder without messing up the animations? I've seen this on other weapons in GRAW and GRAW2, so it's not just you, just a general question. I make the comment because there is no cheekweld, and I don't know about other shooters, but I feel far more comfortable with an assault-type rifle socketed in higher up and in on my shoulder. I wouldn't feel comfortable shooting the rifle as it's shown there. I'd have the upper half of the butt off my shoulder/clavicle all together, and only the lower half tucked in- inboard of the Crye chassis shoulder pad and higher up from what is shown there by maybe 3 inches, for a strong cheekweld, if that makes any sense to anyone...

But you know I love ya, Snow. :)

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hehe...kexbox just makes me think of the laugh I had the first time I came across one of the cardboard boxes that are laying around "recon in force"...Somehow don't think the little mexicans would have "Frukt från Klippan" imported, darn prop artists that keep on tossing in little eastereggs that hardly anyone will see ;)

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Unfortunately it would be more than just a simple .xml change.

What I've taken advantage of, and in quite a "dirty" way, here is the difference in hight between the Masada and SCAR recievers, the SCAR's are a fair bith higher than the Masada so it's ironsight sightline is really high on the when I'm using scar animations. That difference in hight has allowed me to squeeze in an eotech instead of ironsights and still get the animations to line up.

If you were to say put this sight on the SCAR's or M416 then the sight would still line up, but it would end up sunk down into the rail quite a bit. :(

It's a tradeoff really...either really really high masada ironsights or an Eotech that only really will work on the Masada models.

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