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Magpul Masada

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At the moment I'm only planning a tan version, heck even making the 7.62 mag a tan colour to better fit in with the rest of the weapon. I know there's photos of a black version floating around and I've got just about all of them in my reference library, but doing both tan and black would more or less double the download size of this mod and double the amount of selctable weapons.

Time will tell though, I might repaint them and release a second texture "addon", giving the user the option to pick tan or black.

One thing that will be black though is the easteregg that I'm going to toss in 0:)

As for the Eotech, I'm kinda starting to play with the idea to try to get my own Eotech model in, I've got both a tan and black Eotech 553 in "storage" and it's possible that I could get that one in real easy. It would mean one downside though as I'd likely be setting the 553 up using the SCAR ironsights animation, the hight of the scar ironsights are just about exactly the hight the 553 ought to be.

The downside being that I'd be stuck with the scar's reload animation = you'd see the character tapping a boltrelease that just isn't there on the model.

Eotech 553 model in "storage"

Another angle

It would need some work before I can get it looking good though, mostly making a normal map and specular map for it.

@Grimey: It's a dumbed down Leupold Mk4 CQ/T sight mate

Edit: here's kicker...what would look better on the 7.62 version...the regular flashhider or a Noveske KX3?


Scaled right I think I can use the KX3 and still be able to mount a suppressor on it, the suppressor just has to be large enough to cover the whole KX3 model.

Lets hear it folks! Regular or KX3?

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My opinion, just out of aesthetics, is the regular flash hider (that Krink-type flash suppressor is just hella ugly, man :P ). Of course, I generally run a suppressor on my weapons, so , do what you must! :D

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would it be possible to make multiple flashhiders using the suppressor attachment point? or would that mean a naked barrel when you have none attached at all? or is it even possible to attach something to the suppressor point WITHOUT having the weapon suppressed?

nah, not important. i'd go for the regular one, but wouldn't mind the Noveske on the 7.62x39 version, just for diversity.

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I do think I'm going to stay with the KX3 on the 7.62 version, it gives alittle bit more of a difference to that model.

As for several different hiders, it is possible to use the attachment point for a suppressor without getting a suppressed weapon...but it would most likely just be a cosmetical change as I doubt you could get the coding in to change the size of the muzzleflash. Be a pretty pointless addon then, perticularly as it seems we are limited to a certain total number of addons in the game.

As for the look with a suppressor...I'm not sure yet as I plain forgot to test yesterday..lol

Edit: Just tested it and it covers the flashhider perfectly.

So gone is the old standard hider on the 7.62x39 version and I'm keeping the KX3

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Sweet. So the suppressor goes over the KX3 flash hider? That must be a huge suppressor!

I was thinking of something like the M468 that I saw on FutureWeapons. I can't remember how that suppressor worked exactly, but it looked like the end went inside the flash hider and the main part of the can was on the end of the barrel with no part actually going over the flash hider. I'm not sure though, so I may have to watch it again. You're the expert though, so you probably know much better than I do about how it works :lol: .

Edit: I just watched it on YouTube and I was wrong. I think I got confused because I didn't get a good look. It goes over the barrel basically to where the front sight post is and screws on.

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Just some balancing thoughts here.

The one thing I want to do with this pack is to tie it in with the original weapons, asfar as I can when it comes to look but more or less spot on when it comes to ingame balancing. Mainly so these rifles can be used in adversarial MP by whoever that wants to without there being an Uberweapon precent.

So in other words here's how it will be set up.

The Masada 5.56x45 Carbine will be on par with other weapons like the SCAR-L, HK416, RX4 and M8. No drastic reduction in recoil or increase in killpower. There will be 2 sights available aswell as all the other addons available to the original weapons.

The Masada 7.62x39 Carbine will be on par with the SCAR-H. No drastic reduction in recoil or increase in killpower. There will be 2 sights available aswell as all the other addons available to the SCAR-H.

The Masada SPR will be on par with the MSG90 and M14, although it will use 5.56mm recoil and killpower. It will be less lethal than the 2 7.62mm sniperrifles already ingame, but as it also will have less recoil than them it ought to balance out. Will come with scope as the only available sight and you will be able to mount a suppressor.

Now, for the 2 sights that will be available for the Carbine versions, as I'm going to try my darndest at getting the Eotech 553 in that will replace the ironsights on the Carbines. It will however have a magnification value on par with the standard ironsights.

The second scope will be something that's on par with the "Combatsights" already in the game. I'll probably go for something along the lines of an Aimpoint CompM3.

So where does that leave me in regards of a "to do" list apart from the 3 main featured rifles.

*Fix up my old Eotech 553 to GRAW2 standards. Probably some minor mesh fixes aswell as normalmap and specular map.

*Scratchmodel an Aimpoint CompM3 and mount.

*Scratchmodel a suitable sight for the SPR version aswell as a mount.

*Make a new vertical handgrip. Most likely be a tan coloured TangoDown vertgrip.

*Suppressors...I'll acctually "cheat" here and use the ones already in the game.

*40mm grenade launcher. I'll probably reuse the M203 from my GRAW M4 mod, but "remake" it into a railmounted M203PI.

Ontop of that I'll be including the MEUSOC .45 from the GRAW M4 mod, this time without it's taclight though as they just don't work that well within GRAW2.

And I'm likely to include one "easteregg" aswell.

The thoughts of including an SMG like the MP7 or P90 is now more or less on the scrapheap. I've got enough material that need making without including one of them.......unless the easteregg is an SMG that is :ph34r:


PS: With any luck I'll have the SPR version ingame shortly so keep an eye out for updates ;)

Edit: here it is packing the original Barret scope, there's still plenty to be done on the texture of it though so it's no where near the final look.


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Nah, not even close to a relase unfortunately. Even though you might of seen all 3 models ingame now I still haven't done any gamesetups at all, I've just overwritten the original SCAR-L each time to make sure the models hold up ingame and I have a working export setup.

And what your not seeing when it comes to the SPR version is that I've somehow screwed the pooch with said export setup. For some reason all alignment dummy's got reversed originally and I had to turn them all manually before it got solved. I'll be redoing it's setup from scratch in the future. :wall:

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Whisper, look away now. I have a bundle of EoTech 553 laying around gathering dust

PM inbound... :devil: with an offer :ph34r:

Lol...you just know he's going to be pouting over that Lancer. Plus I'm sure there's more stuff laying about there that whisper would give his left kidney to get his hands on aswell :lol:

Snow a truer statement to be found no where...

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Cheers mate

There's still abit of work that needs to be done on it though before I'm 100% satisfied with it, but it's getting there.

Here's a fullscale rendered look of it.


Really need to pull my finger out and do the full game configuration for the models instead of just oversaving stuff left and right. Once I get that done I can really start to put things ingame properly.

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