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Magpul Masada

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Ought to be pretty aparent what colour I'm going for now. ;)

2nd texture pass...some more colours blocked in plus some wear and tear here and there. Seems I have to overdo it alot in the colour and specmaps before it really shows up ingame, there's plenty of scratches in there that just ain't showing up right now. Wonder if it could be me messing up things with mipmaps, I'll have to try and save it without them the next time and see what happends.


And an actionshot just for fun :devil:


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Great model! but it looks like the mag is a little long, or not fully inserted. is that engine/animation-related?

and its not visible in the screenshots, but the charging handle is non-reciprocating i assume? don't waste time animating a part of the rifle that isn't supposed to move.

dont get me wrong, i dont mean to criticize, a mod is always the modder's baby (and NOONE else's) and you can clearly see the manhours you spent on that beauty.

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Yeah, the mag might not be fully set up in the right position at the moment. I'm still using my old M4 export setup for animations and alignment points so things could be a tad bit off and at the moment it's just a dirty oversave of the scar-l model. It will all be fixed before I release a final product though ;)

Comparing the latest screencap to the real deal I'd say the mag is about an inch to low right now, easily changed by lowering the mag's alignment dummy by an inch ;) ....here's the latest with some updated textures aswell as the RX4's sight on it. Main difference in textures is that I've stared working in more and more difference between the polymer lower and metallic parts, mainly by altering the specular map.


And yes...the charginghandle is non-reciprocating even with the current very basic animation setup...the bolt on the other hand does it's thing ;)

Edit: On a side note...I'm still trying to get used to working with this darn new mouse/keyboard combo here...the mouse is just to darn smooth and the keyboard just that little bit different from my old one that it forces me to look down at what my fingers are doing.

Just "upgraded" from an older Logitech combo to a new Logitech MX5000 Laser combo

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criticism leads to more pictures? hmmmm... :shifty:

The specular on the upper and the intersection to the lower look great, thats almost more detail than a game deserves and is something most players probably won't even notice, but definately eyecandy for those with an eye for it.

BTW, the charging handle is non reciprocating yet still acting as forward assist - how did they (Magpul, that is) solve that?

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Oh wouldn't really call it critisism mate...you pointed out something that I hadn't really seen yet...good eye about the mag seating mate! :thumbsup:

Looking at the Magpul technote about the Masada I'd say they have solved the non-reciprocating chanrginghandle by having a catch inside of the reciever, looks like you have to pull the charginghandle all the way back and push it downwards a tad before it acctually captures the bolt...enabling you to use it as a forward assist.

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The specular on the upper and the intersection to the lower look great, thats almost more detail than a game deserves and is something most players probably won't even notice, but definately eyecandy for those with an eye for it.

An eye for it? I didn't even understand that.

I love this stuff. :D

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Cheers mate.

It's the same identical textures to the last screencap I posted though. Today instead of working on it I've spent my day at the dayjob, shipping the wrong pallets to the wrong woolies store....or was that the right pallets to the right stores? :unsure: I'm still a rookie at the loading job so god knows if I got it right or not, I'll find out tomorrow if there's been compaints :rofl:

As for the saturation, sounds like we are thinking alike here mate :thumbsup: I've been pondering lowering the saturation of that tan colour abit, it's already been taken down alittle but once I get all the wear at tear in it's easy to just slap an adjustment layer ontop of everything else and try out some different settings.

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Alright, this is just about what I'd call a final texture....just some more wear to be added to the stock as it looks all to uniform at the moment.

Brightest spot I could find on "Recon in Force"


And through NVG during "Bring me Rosen"


Probably do the last few changes tonight and then move onto the Masada 7.62x39 version.

@caprera: Yes it does hover over the rail at the moment. It's the bane of modders when it comes to GRAW and GRAW2, we are more or less forced to use the animations that already are in the game...and that includes the sight animation. It would be a 3 second fix to move the scope down but in doing so I'd be screwing up the view through the sight when zoomed in.

Currently I'm using the SCAR-L animations and in doing so most sights will hover over the rail somewhat, the scar reciever is just that tad higher than the Masada's = a sight that will fit the SCAR will hover on this rifle.

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Cheers D and Rocky!

There's a reasonable way to go still though, got to finish up the textures for both the 7.62x39 version aswell as the SPR, do the full mod setup instead of just oversaving an original model and most likely get a new scope or 2 going that matches the models.

Plus that easteregg I mentioned in the weapons request thread :ph34r:

Just finished a quick texture test here with a slightly edited texture. Just wasn't happy with the way the rail shows up from 1st person with the textured version, the untextured on page 5 looked better to me. So I took out about 70% of the darker colour "inside" the rails on the colour map and it now looks better.

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For a weapon model yeah, it's virtually identical. The GRAW exporter works perfectly with GRAW2 but there are some differences in available animations. For example the GRAW2 SCAR has animations for the ironsights set up in the model, something the GRAW model didn't have. So to do a straight export using my old SCAR setup didn't work as there was some code lines refering to that animation in the scar_light_common.xml file, with taking those lines out though it worked perfectly.

It also seems like GRIN has used an additional lod for the "new" models and also changed their naming nomenclature slightly, lods are now named gfx_***_lod0, gfx_***_lod1, gfx_***_lod2 and gfx_***_lod3. *** generally being the name of the model.

And I'm still using Max8 here, not more than a few months ago that I upgraded to that from V7.5 so I'll most likely stick with it for abit longer...can't really see a reason to change again unless I absolutely have to.

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Fantastic as always Snow, but i have two questions...

1) the upper receiver texture looks brighter (and better) than the lower one in the first shot.

2) can you give this rifle an EOtech sight ? It's very common today but only the MR-C can have it in the game !



This is the problem about the RX sight i was talking before.... The red lines are where the rail should be. You put it on the rifle too high.

[Oversize image changed to URL - Please see forum rule 3.14- Large Images]

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1: Yup, the upper is slightly brighter than the lower in the first shot...mainly because it's more reflective than the lower reciever. I've purpously made it like that as the supper is painted metal while the lower is a polymer. The same reasoning goes throughout the whole model, metallic parts will reflect more light than the polymer parts.

2: That all depends on if I can solve the animation issues between the Aimpoint and the Eotech, as previously stated anyone that mods GRAW or GRAW2 is at the mercy of the orignal animations used. Each original weapon has it's own animations and for every addon that weapon has there are an additional set of animations. The Eotech animations are "bound" to the MRC in the sence that it's set up slight different to all other sights. Notice how you can see "through" the Eotech even though you dont have the scope up but you can't do the same with any other sight? Part of the animation for all sights other than the Eotech is to "hide" the reflective lens...and if that part of the sight doesn't excist like on the Eotech the sighting animation just won't play.

Putting the Eotech on any rifle is just a matter of editing one single .xml file....but if I put it on the rifle nothing will happen when you hit the right mouse button.

It's pretty simple but at the same time kinda technical.

@ the edit...animations all over again just like I explained in the earlier post. Moving the sight is easy but if I do so you will get an offset view through the scope when you bring it up to aim.

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mhmm... painted metal for supper ^^

is a black/grey texture planned too? now i know the Masada as advertised IS yellow, but i've seen black versions too.

yellow rifles just don't look "intimidating" enough, let's just say its a civilian/law enforcement version (with zero camo effect in the game but who gives).

anyone could convert the texture to greyscale himself, but i REALLY don't feel like altering something you spent so much of your free time on.

about the Eotech: there was a workaround for GRAW1, with a lowered reticle, but i can't remember wo did it.

this was actually realistic, as the real Eotech doesn't give a damn from where you look through it either.

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