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Magpul Masada

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Well, it aint the Masada but atleast something that will go on the CQBR version if I can get it to work properly.


Just one very quick and early pass done on the texture so far...I'll spend some more time on it tomorrow.

@bugkill: Doubt I'll toss in the M4 into this mod mate. There's already the M416 in the game to start off with and Brettzies is porting his M4...no need for another one really. I might look at putting in the MEUSOC though.

@philkila: Nah, was just one of those adjustment layer tests that I did during my [GR] XM8 mod...totally one of those "for fun" things.

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I am so glad you are back Snow. I was very sorry for the terms in which you retired. I hope you have a renewed sense of self and bring us some great addons to the already great game. Your work is appreciated and very welcome.

Bettzies, as always, your work is second to none. I can't wait for your MOD to be ported. One question, How is the sound conversions going? I checked it out and it seems a bit different from GRAW 1.

I seen a Model for a Deagle, How about getting that in the game? Also, How about that shotgun someone was working on?

To all that is contributing to the Weapon MODDING effort, Best of luck and can't wait to see the finished product. And to the one who made the AK74 and SVD, Get that bad boy converted over.

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Alrighty, it's all been mapped and I also managed to cull some polys in places where I didn't need them.

More or less finished with the highpoly normal map generation for the common parts, going to paint in the remainer of the detail I think...it's getting to fiddly to cut in anymore.

Common parts with normal map applied, there's still some errors here and there.


(Click for larger render)

And just highlight now much detail the normals give the flatshaded mesh


(Click for larger render)

@Bat21: Always had a good sense of self mate...that's probably why I get so ###### off when ppl rip of my work without asking ;)

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1. Masada

2. Barrett M468

3. M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System

4. M14EBR

5. H&K's M417

6. AI AS50

7. USP 40

8. All of Brettzies Weapons

I'd like to see some of this $$$$$$, and I'm sure Snow would too! ; )

Joking of course and I can't speak for Snow, however modding is somewhat of a hobby/passion, you do what you are interested in...but that doesn't mean you turn into a short order cook all of a sudden.

Edited by Brettzies
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Well whatever you guys do it for, you're incredile and we're all thankful to have you all around. When I saw Brettzies mod, I thought that was unbelievable. Now I'm thinkin the same about Snow's. The good thing about today's weapons is they all look alike. I wouldn't mind seeing the Rebels with G3s or AK-47s. It seems to me like a lot of the old modders are coming back to GRAW2. Anyways, I look forward to givin em all a whirl.

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Yeah Eric, that above post isn't suprising at all :wacko:

And this is no dig at anyone in perticular.

I'll have to echo Brettzies here, being a modder you do tend to start feeling like a short order cook....and that's a short order cook who's off the clock, generally just wanting to fix up his own prefered meal...but before it's even close to finished you have the whole darn diner full of freeloading customers shouting out orders left right and center. Hell, some of them even send back meals they haven't payed for in the first place and demand changes to be made as they didn't like what they got from the start.


Just as Brettzies I do this as a hobby afternoons and nights, it's the one single hobby I have nowadays, but as opposed to him (atleast asfar as I know) I also do this as a freelance artist. I still have a dayjob though so my afternoons can either be spent working on something that will add to the family budget, Ie the freelance gig I'm currently involved in, or spent working on free mod projects like this GRAW2 project.

Take a wild guess what I spend 99% of my afternoons working on.....well it ain't this GRAW2 project that's for sure! Right now I've got atleast 2 other commisioned models that I need to finish in the coming 5 or so weeks so the little time I've already put into this project has put me pretty far behind scedule already!

This I'm doing because I need a letout, I need something of my own choosing that I can work on from time to time to releave some of the monotony of working on something ordered by a 3rd party. Plus it's something I can try new ways of doing things in, I have tried and tested methods that I use on commisioned pieces so I can get them out quickly (not really pretty but quick) but if I don't try new ways I'll never learn anything new.

Lastly, as a note to folks that do chime in with "requests", I don't mind and I do understand where you are coming from....but take a moment before you voice your deepest darkest desires and think about this. Here's something I posted up at the BFS forums not so long ago in regards to invested time into one single model...and a fairly simple one at that. It's a rough estimate into the time I spent making just one new weaponmodel from scratch, and this doesn't even include time spent setting the model up for exporting, animation and scripting.

Nowadays it's a whole different ballgame! If I were to guesstimate the time the last model I shipped took, and modelling/mapping vise that was an easy one, it would come out something like this.

*4 to 5 hours to model it with animations in mind

*1 to 2 hours to fix up smooth groups, generally have to change this around somewhat during the normal mapping stage aswell.

*4 to 5 hours to map it out...it's my pet hate...sooooooo booring!

*6 to 7 hours to convert my lowpoly mesh into a highpoly cage for the normal map and render that out. I "cheat" and do it piece by piece instead of the whole thing at once, combined it was something along the lines of 815 000 polys compared to the gameres mesh of 3700 polys.

*1 to 2 hours of painting in additional detail into the normal map aswell as fixing any errors in the highpoly to lowpoly bake

*and another good 10 to 12 hours to paint the colour and specular maps, and that's not even finalised maps!

This is time you instead of sitting infront of 3dsm or photoshop will spend ingame either killing badguys in SP or with friends in MP



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Alright, the normal map for the SPR version is more or less finished now...still some funky areas that I might have to revisit though as the lighting is alittle bit off.


3499 polys all in all and I've added a very faint ambient occlusion pass to the colour map to give some subtle shading in areas.

Right now rendering a 360 turnaround of it, ought to be done in about 45 minutes or so

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Thanks mate.

This is what I'm talking about when it comes to learning new stuff...6 months ago I hadn't really even bothered trying to generate a "full" normal map from a highpoly cage, instead relying on using the Nvidia normal pluggin to convert my colourmap into a normal...something that just about never ends up looking right!

Anyways, here's a link to the 360 turnaround.

Masada SPR 360....2.2Mb .mov file

If you look close you can clearly make out one of the "problem" areas at the very rear of the sight rail...the lighting ends up being off from some angles.


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