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Magpul Masada

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Awesome weapon serie you have there Snowfella! Gonna be cool to test them ingame. Btw, what about that video modding tutorial? I'm pretty sure you master lots of techniques in max me and other modders here at GR.net could learn alot from!

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Well, right now I'm just about to sing "have I told you lately that I hate you" towards the way the loadout screen is set up! :wall:

I'm sooooo close to tossing the whole idea of getting that set up in that it ain't even funny....but just the fact that I'm having some luck with it keeps me from giving up. But at this rate I'd be looking at a chrissy 2009 release :wacko:

@Biro: Somehow don't think you'd need any tutorials from me mate judging by the maps you are showing off ;)

I'll try to get around to that video tutorial but I have to say free time for it at the moment is very thin. <_<

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Well, I'm always interested in learning some new stuffs Snow and the video tutorials is really a nice way to do it compared to the usual written down tutorials. But I understand your a pretty buys man at the moment so keep focus on those projects ofc!

Hope you sort out of the loadout screen. Have some of the same problems now and then with mapping aswell, but after some trial and error it's usually end up working like I want it too.

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Eh? What's sleep?

It's right now midnight here, I'm doped up on caffeine and Wild Turkey bourbon...and have to be up and out of bed to drive the wife to work in around 5 hours :wacko:

Least I've got the loadout pics for the Meusoc and SPR more or less sorted...just 4 rifles left :wall:

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Think of me when you are out shooting targets mate...just 9:30am here and I've already started GRAW2 about 50 times to check and see if my settings are right. Usually they ain't so I have to quit, edit either my new weapon icon .dds or the .xml file...fire GRAW2 up again to see if I fixed the problem :wall:

Least I'm getting somewhere now that I've figured out where the icon names are called from :) More or less got the 5.56 carbine and attachments squared away now.

Edit: Here's a preview of the loadout screens.


It ain't perfect...it ain't even pretty...but it works and that's all I'm concerned with right now!

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Alrighty...all the loadout icons are done and working! :party:

Now I'm just debating if I should set it free right without MP kits or take the additional time to fix up the kits. If I take the first approach I'll fix up a patch whenever I can figure out how the kits work.


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Just a simple little test to see how much work I have to put in to get this thing from tan to black...bout 10 minutes invested so far.

3DSM render.




Have to work alittle on the specularity I think as it doesn't really read that well...other than that I'm pretty happy for just 10 minutes of work.

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Now now....settle down lads...as I said it was just a brainless 10 minute test into altering my original texturemap, to be truthful if I were to alter the other maps it would take me even less time as all I did was add an adjustmentlayer (Hue -150, Saturation -75 and Lightness -65). Time invested in altering the rest would be about 2 seconds, copy layer...paste layer :devil:

Now to get it perfect I also need to bump up the contrast of my spec map somewhat.

The problem comes if I were to release these textures as an alternative texturepack....as without also editing my material.xml files it won't really read well at all. Did a quick second test with the .xml edits aswell and went totally overboard, looked more like dirty crome than gunmetal LOL

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