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Maybe not sold but more like the number of ppl that have kept playing. :thumbsup:

I agree. :thumbsup:

But sometimes I can't help brag about the pc game to lunch box-owners the great mods they are missing out. :P

I got one so far who wants to build a pc just based alone on Brettz opening scene for his mod. Then he went nuts when he saw Snows Eotech scope.

I took him directly to Newegg so he can make his list. Newegg should give me a referral fee. :whistle:

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Well, looks like everything is against me at the moment...today I do have the time to get some work done here and then it turns out my installation of 3dsm has gone wonky and the program plain refuses to start. :wall:

Hopefully a repair of the installation will work or I'm going to have to whipe it fully from the disc and reinstall from scratch <_<

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Ok, the Leupold is in at last. :party::cheers:


Still a few issues to sort out when it comes to the reticule though, the MSG90 ret it's using at the moment works as it should on a daylight lit map but on a nighttime one it causes a CTD. I've narrowed that down to the fact that it's a lit reticule and if I turn that off it works without a CTD. :huh: I'll try to sort that "problem" out in the morning if I can, in other cases it will have to stay unlit.

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On the upside, the longer it takes for release of the finished mod, the more people may become donators/supporters of GR.net so they can get their hands on the "Special Treat" :P

Screw that, I want to know how to edit the freakin uniforms!

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Update...sight issue with the Leupold is sorted and I have renderd out all the screens I'm going to need for the Loadout screen, if everything works as it should I ought to have this thing set free before this week is over. :party:

In the meantime here's a moving teaser courtesy of FRAP's and Youtube, excuse the poor video quality....youtube really kills any quality of picture that I originally had. :wall:

Might just see if I can recode the original video and shrink it down to a size that allows me to host it easily myself.

Edit: woopsie, messed up that link bigtime! :wall: All better now though :thumbsup:

2nd Edit: Uploading a higher res and better quality video to my website right now...available through the below link in about 10 minutes.

Better resolution video, large download at nearly 20Mb

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As I said in reply to the PM sent, at the moment I'm not aiming towards a GRAW1 release for the simple fact that I no longer have that game installed and can't test if it works properly.

As for release date...I'm working hard on trying to have this mod out before this week is over, right now doing up all the hud models and after that it's just the loadout pictures left to square away.

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Getting even closer now, all the hud models are done and working ingame. :thumbsup: Half and half dreading these loadout pics though as I'm not a 100% sure of how it's done yet. :unsure: oh well guess I'll have to learn!

This will be the final lineup of weapons and attachments.


Edit: Lucky I pieced together that lineup pic as I just noticed I had something funky going on in my specmap on the 7.65 versions....that had carried over to my game textures aswell. All fixed now though. :)

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