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Magpul Masada

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No worries Eric, I've got some really good reference of it already. And that reflective rear lens is but a memory now, needed it to be able to have the sight use the regular aimpoint animations but it's nowadays set to hidden so you'll never see it ;)

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Alright, finished off the textures for the CompM4 and Reflex sights today...just the S&B Shortdot left to do really, hopefully I'll be able to get that one near finished in the morning as it's a really simple shape to make.

To recap, here's the sights available so far, unscoped and smaller scoped view.

Eotech 553, default sight on both the Carbine length rifles aswell as the CQBR versions


Trijicon Reflex, alternative sight on the CQBR versions


Aimpoint CompM4, alternative sight on the Carbines


Aimpoint CompM4/Aimpoint3X combo, alternative sight on the SPR and Carbines


Left to do is as I said an S&B Shortdot and that will be the default sight for the SPR


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Indeed...acctually just went in and brightened the scopetube up by a few steps so it ought to look better now.

And my testrun at using the MSG90 scopes reticule was interesting to say the least, low magnification and the original rets just doesn't work...it's like looking through a straw! :rofl:

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:rofl: Hey you can only do so much, even at the original values it happened like that? Though then again it may have a different perspective. I know in GRAW if you put the Barret scope on the MR-C you'd have a fish-eye perspective at the original values, which you'll probably have to tweak.. Edited by EricJ
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Yeah, I suspect it's got to do with the FOV (Field of view) that the scope uses. Less FOV means higher magnification and under higher magnification a small ret will fill your screen nicely. Under low magnification though the ret will be real small and the ret's black border will fill the rest = the feeling of looking through a straw.

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Well, I've got one more sight model that's ready to go ingame (a "full blown" Leupold Scope) and then just the GUI stuff left and then this thing will be set free. Was planning to get the last sight in today but having had to do 2 hours of overtime at the dayjob has sorta eaten up most of my free time for tonight, I'll have a stab at it though but can't guarantee anything.

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