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GRIN Gag Order

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UBISOFT this is your last chance to ever earn a dollar off of me. You'r PC support for the following titles TC Rainbow Six, TC Splinter cell Has been abismal and has lost you 5o.0o per each new game produced, Now you are going to tie GRINS hands and then have another possible Failure like LOCKDOWN or even VEGAS as it's horribly bug ridden and had no input from the R6 council, This is the straw that broke the camel's back.


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GRIN, I've apprieciated your work and respect you as a developer, however I will not be purchasing any further products that bear the UBISOFT branding. My hope is that you will be able to work with another company that'll take care of you and the customers alike and tell UBI to kiss off.

As for you UBISOFT, here's the last one of these ($) you'll ever get from me.

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I'm sure that if GRIN determined that any of our esteemed group had anything useful to contribute to HIS project...

somebody would contact them.

If I was running the show...I'd give him free rein...

"Chain-of-Command" severely limits whom gets to speak...in any organization.

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UBI: "Dear valued customers,

We are pleased to announce the ceasing of communication between the developer and you, the customer. In our experience, this will bring about much more fan support and will help to develop a more valuable game that everyone will enjoy in the end." (I will never forget the announcement of the first delay of GRAW saying they were "pleased" to announce the delay of the game)

Haha, I have something UBI can "gag" on. Can I still boycot french fries? Oh yeah, also....."I poop in your gener-ial direct-ion!"


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unfortunately the only was for UBIsoft to get the message is to stop buying their branded titles and that means a developer is going to be negatively affected at some point. I hate to say it, but doing it now might have a better impact on getting the point across then 6 months from now after the "gag order" succeded and the UBI frat boys have had their overpaid butts wellfed again.

regardless, good luck to GRIN in the future.

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UBI can gag on my AMERICAN ######!

Freedom Fries for everyone!

On a more serious note I'll bet someone in UBI management didnt like something on this forum for leagle reasons or something.... OR if the manager in charge of the UBI forums has recently changed he or she may feel their forum should be the primary outlet for GRAW news.

Anyway... not too unexpected for UBI they are about as tight lipped as a comapny can be and they just found a way to get even tighter.

A little pictogram of my feelings on this issue! See if you can decipher it.


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I looked up the contact for the Ubisoft US office, and sent this e-mail:

Hi Jamie,

I am a forty year old man who has been a loyal Ubisoft supporter for many years. I have several gaming systems, and I have purchased (and registered) many Ubisoft products each year. I especially have liked the first-person shooters that you have put out. I am very excited about the upcoming release of GRAW2 for the PC. However, I am appalled to learn on the ghostrecon.net site that your company has cut-off communication between the Developer of GRAW2 (GRIN) and the fans. One of the best things about GRAW 1 and 2 was to see how the people at GRIN listened and provided feedback to the fans of the game. Maybe Ubisoft just doesn’t care about PC users anymore, but I tell you that I will never purchase a 1st person shooter for my other gaming systems (I rely on the mouse and keyboard). Hopefully someone at your company can reverse this unbelievably dumb (and pr nightmare) decision, or I will start having second thoughts about purchasing any future Ubisoft program. Thanks for your consideration.

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not buying the titles is not enough. UBI will listen to one group of people religously... the stock holders. You really want to make a change at UBI buy up the stock and then complain, this time as a share holder. Remeber it's not the older gamers UBI is after, it's the kids becuase when you have the kids you get the older folks money anyway.


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Just goes to prove that the right person(people) is/are not always the ones who end up in the right position(s)......

Lat I heard, inclusion of and interaction between all stake holders is the the key to successful planning and management.....I think they call it win-win...

mig :ph34r:

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UBI is easily the WORST publisher out there. Anybody play R6V? This does however have me a bit concerned about the longevity of perhaps the best FPS that has been made in 5 years. I vowed to never purchase another UBI game after the R6V fiasco, if they blow it with GRIN and this game they are finished in my eyes.

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Ubi are idiots then (like that is news :wall: ).

GRAW2 is a much improved game and it's hard not see some of the improvements in terms of community feedback.

Why oh why would you NOT want your developer engaged in dialogue with the target audience for their game?

I do not understand.

GRiN please do us all a favour and find yourself new publishers.

<3 your games but them being made under the "Ghost Recon" label is just holding you back.

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Some of you might remember my "fight" with Bullet Tooth before GR2 was released. One of my squaddies ended up meeting people at UBI in San Fran and when he told them he was in BSR the first comment out of their mouths was "with ruggbutt?!!". They knew who I was cuz I'm a royal PITA. ;)

UBI, let the GRIN dudes talk here. IMHO it's one of the reasons that GRAW2 doesn't suck the hachi. Either that or I can really put my mind to it and show you guys how much of a PITA I can be when I put my mind to it.

Your call UBI.

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I hope I've always come off as supportive of GRIN as I feel I am. One of the greatest strengths of that particular developer has been their interaction with the players, and this particular forum has been the preferred one for thousands of serious gamers.

As Rocky pointed out in his OP, numerous bugs and glitches have been identified and recolved through GRIN's interaction with THIS community. WE are the customer. And WE choose this forum to provide our feedback to GRIN.

And Ubishaft is showing it's true colors again. Like sui317 said above, "publish a game, don't ruin it." Couldn't have said it better, bro...

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This is ludicrous. How could a game publishing company get upset if the Dev's are speaking with customers?

Doesn't that pretty much negate the use of official/unofficial forums?

I don't understand how a company could want to be on such a destructive warpath.

They obviously browse these forums to a degree...and YET THEY STILL CAN'T TELL they are despised internationally for their treatment of major titles that the fans want produced. THE FANS...not a bank account.

EDIT: I know you Grin guys can't respond now due to Ubigay's gayness; Grin, please for the sake of PC gaming, obtain services with a publisher that doesn't store its brain in its ######.

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look what I found... Forum Manager job opening at UBI... I wonder if they found someone who doesn't like GR.Net???

Forum Manager

May 17th, 2007

San Francisco, CA

Ubisoft, a global leader in the video games and entertainment software industry, is seeking a Forum Manager to provide support for the Online Marketing department on a contract basis. The Forum Manager will be responsible for Ubisoft’s presence on internal and external forums. The ideal candidate will have excellent written and verbal communication skills, experience with online forums, and extensive knowledge of current gaming trends and consoles. The Forum Manager will work off-site with regular meetings in the Ubisoft office. Based on project load, we expect the Forum Manager to dedicate approximately 25 hours per week to Ubisoft.


* Manage internal and external forums

* Deliver regular reports based on community feedback

* Interact and communicate with fans and consumers on message boards, in a friendly and professional manner

* Compile ad-hoc reports when requested by Online Marketing Manager


* Experience moderating forums

* Experienced with current video game consoles, PC gaming a plus

* Excellent written and verbal communication skills

* Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word

* Excellent time-management skills

About Ubisoft

Ubisoft is a leading producer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment products worldwide and has grown considerably through a strong and diversified line-up of products and partnerships. Ubisoft has offices in 23 countries and sales in more than 50 countries around the globe. It is committed to delivering high-quality, cutting-edge video game titles to consumers. Ubisoft generated sales of €680 million for the 2006-07 fiscal year. To learn more, please visit www.ubisoftgroup.com.

Ubisoft is an EOE and offers competitive salaries and a complete benefits package

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I emplore UBIsoft to reconsider, something tells me that will not happen... Blackfoot studios seems good too... Anyways, there's always this that I'm looking forward to... And the plans are to get this next week... And also, this could be interesting when released in Sept... Oh, I forgot one more...

I have lost all my respect for UBIsoft... Sorry GRIN, I support you guys 100% but unless this changes, I have just saved myself $50.00 from going to the wrong publisher...

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hurray, graw 2 is out today,

but i will not buying any ubi games until they overthink their strange behavior.

never heard of anything so shortminded in software business.

free testers not wanted???


sorry for grin , graw 2 looks promising.

i`m out


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From what I've seen so far, MP & SP demo's GRAW" has the makings of an excellent game & potentially a true successor to [GR]. I can't comment further at this stage due to a bloody postal strike in the UK and my copy of the game not arriving! :wall:

But, along with everyone else here, it's my firm belief tha GRAW2 is so good because of the high level of feedback from the fan base. That kind of input is critical to the success of any product, in any market and IMO doubly so in a gaming environment.

I know PC gamers are the bottom of the pile as UBI's revenue stream is pitched heavily into consoles but we deserve better treatment than this!

Game wise, if this is the attitude of UBI I will be staying away from any future product. Thankfully their are people out there with a better understanding of the gamers and they deserve my support, not UBI.

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However, it has come to my attention that GRIN have been banned from posting on our forums by Ubisoft.

This is just in line with the other steps of regress...regress in options, flexibillity, openess & freedom :wall:

We're building a new wall here. I thought that era was over :wacko:

Luckily there is light in the tunnel due to another game "GB" ...

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