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I think the destruction effects attach to the original body. Try placing a helper on the body were you want some smoke to appear.

Name it ^[d0]smoke_type1. Adding the[d0] to the name, ensures it is a destruction effect. Group it to the body.

With it having this extra tag, the groups need an extra tag too.

<n><body>smerch now needs to be <n><body><ian>smerch

<n>smerch needs to be <n><ian>smerch

Your destructed vehicle needs to be saved as an .anm file, but seems it will only export correctly if the animation controllers are set to linear, this can be changed in Track View.

Check page 3-4 in the vehicle tagging pdf. I`ll be giving it a shot later also, not too sure about how the .anm files work TBH.



Try placing a helper on the body were you want some smoke to appear.

Name it ^[d0]smoke_type1. Adding the[d0] to the name, ensures it is a destruction effect. Group it to the body.

With it having this extra tag, the groups need an extra tag too.

<n><body>smerch now needs to be <n><body><ian>smerch

<n>smerch needs to be <n><ian>smerch

That works fine as it is. Vehicle blows up, smoke appears!

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Hey Hammer thats really fast work (I don't like fast modders they make me look lazy :P )

Well as to tagging, there are several routes you could go down:

On the one hand: the vehicle is already destroyed so you don't need destruction data at all, just tag it as a vehicle and be done with it.

I'd definitely tag it as a truck because tanks will make an engine noise regardless:

In the top view create a helper point at the 0/0/0 position (move it to 0/0/0 manually as well to ensure that it is exactly centred) call it O uniquename (thats capital O space and a unique identifier)

While in the top view create four helpers in a square around the first and call them:

^leftwheel0anchor, ^leftwheel1anchor, ^rightwheel0anchor, ^rightwheel1anchor,

left and right will be obvious as they should follow the orientation of the vehicle and the 0 anchors should be at the front with the 1 anchors at the back.

Normally these would align with the wheels but in this case, as this vehicle is going nowhere we'll just array them around the centre but within the vehicle boundary.

next select these 4 anchor points and raise them above ground level(x axis) slightly

Next, from the side view, raise the mesh of the vehicle so that its lowest point sits on the x axis (this represents ground level). if you want the vehicle to be half buried etc then lower it accordingly.

Then select the first helper you made and group it, call this group: <n><body>uniquename. By grouping just the helper first we are ensuring that the pivot point is in the right place.

now select everything else and attach it to this group.

Now from the top view again, create 4 more helpers that align with the 4 anchor points.

name these: O uniquename

(make sure that all your helper point/ group names are unique not only from each other but from other possible vehicles)

Seperately group each of these 4 new helpers. the new groups should be called:

<n><leftwheel0>, <n><leftwheel1>, <n><rightwheel0>, <n><rightwheel1>, I think you can work out which one is to be located where.

Now create a new O uniquename helper at the 0/0/0 position

select this object and group

call this group: <n>vehiclename

select everything else and add it to this new group.

If done correctly this will now appear in game.

Any effects helpers should be created in the top view and included in the <n><body>uniquename group (they will activate immediately.

There is a list of effects in the levelbuilder document but I can make a few suggestions if you like.

You still have an option with destruction which can help the scripter:

If you make all effects trigger on vehicle death, then the scripter can choose whether the vehicle emits smoke or not.

eg. if you add ^smoke_small_type3 to the vehicle then it will emit smoke from the start.

if you call it ^[d0]smoke_small_type3 then the scripter can destroy the vehicle to start the smoke

In this case the vehicle will look the same as its already visibly destroyed

I wouldn't worry about animations as you will have to design moving parts into the vehicle. But I'll explain:

take a part that is to move on vehicle death: eg. door falls off

detach the door polys and work out where the centre pivot of the animation will be, place a O uniquename helper at this point. group this helper <n><ian>uniquename. Attach the door polys to this group.

I usually make this group non destructable in the map editor as I have had CTD issues

attach this group to the <n><body>group

If the body group itself is to move call it <n><ian><body>uniquename

animate the <ian>referenced groups

close the groups

export to two files:

in the model folder: vehiclename.pob

in the motion folder: vehiclenamed0.anm


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:unsure: Unsure just what to do with it at the moment, it was not planned it just sort of happend :blink:

I have been messing around trying different types of textures on it with limited succsess, this one was a bump map.


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Do bump maps work in GR?

I must admit, with textures I'm a novice here so it'd be nice to know what the limitations are :huh:

Good question m8 :unsure: I have only used flat textures with details, light and shade painted onto them, I was just trying to improve the texture quality :unsure:

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No they do not...neither do specular maps or anything of the sorts. The only textures [GR] supports would be your normal colour maps (diffuse maps in 3dsm).

What can be done though is texturing your model in 3dsm using whatever map you feel like, say a nextgen model with colour/spec and normal maps and then bake that into a diffusemap....does require you to have your model lit properly in 3dsm though or it will end up looking weird.

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This will be included with your comms trailer?

Well i think the only place a full functonal Smerch exists is in the P2 mod now :( in fact the mod may be the only place the covered one and destroyed one exist too. I had a hard drive failer earler this year and lost most of the stuff i have done for mods except the ones in my 2 vehical packs :wall:

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