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GR:AW 2 Released JB Hi-Fi Perth

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I saw some kid playing GRAW2 on his alienware laptop today on the bus. my best guess by all accounts is it was the leaked one. But boy..did I get an eye full. <_<

my ride is about an hour long or so and this kid whipped through the first 4 or 5 missions in SP mode.

he was riding with a rough bunch too. i wanted to say something about it but I'd get my ass beat for saying anything these days.

added: out of respect for Grin/UBISOFT, the NDA and the other stuff, I won't divulge the details of what I saw. BUT!, I will say this, SP players will CREAM all over themselves. But Grin i will not cut my eyeballs out bcz of what I saw. But I'm an advocate of GRAW2 ...fully on the SP side of the house!! :thumbsup:

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I picked up my pre ordered copy from EB Games Australia today.

It has had a release date of July 11th on their website for quite some time now but I figured it would be the 17th before we saw the game.

Well I loaded it up and tried to join a server and guess what?

You guesed it "wrong version" please download patch from ubi.com. <_<

Only problem is I cant find a patch on ubi.com. Also out of about 15 or so servers, everyone of them is empty.

Me thinks this is the usual ubisoft release disaster :o= , lol, oh well at least I can play the single player.


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if true someone is one lucky ###### dog, to get it a whole week early, I have to wait till the 18 then watch the guys at the gamespot shop check to see if its "Street Legal" like they can hold it above my head...

I assure you it's true :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the Tip about JB getting it cheap .

I will check the Brisbane JB store price see if its cheap aswell

I was going to buy it on the 12th but from what Ive read it seems ORG coop was removed

and it still has IGA in it . But if its 60ish it might be worth is after all

Cheapest I found was online thou ezygames.com.au with free shipping

GRAW2 PC @ online stores:


EBgames USA - US$49.99 (AU$58.75) + shipping - 17 July 2007



EZYgames - GRAW2 PC - AU$71.95 (US$61.72) - 12 July 07

(preorder 4 free shipping) (no free tshirt deal)


Cheapgames - GRAW2 PC - AU$69.95 (US$59.99) + shipping ($5-$10) - 12 July 2007


EBgames (AU) - GRAW2 PC - AU$89.95 (US$77.16) + shipping - 12 July 2007

(Pre order and you get a GRAW2 t-shirt)


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In Spain is out ;);) , and 20 euros !!


Relese date 10th July, that's what it says.



But like Colin says, there will be issues going online as I'm sure the release in not till 13th according to Ubi UK and the game will auto patch on release for sure. The auto patch system will do 2 things, lock out hacked copies and add fixes/ content as it comes available, we saw this in the demo.

Dam Spain :o you lucky sods.... & Aussie's, but at least we got best price 17.99 GBP


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Just been into my local Game store and the guys there confirmed their stock is sat in the store room and will go on the shelf for 0900 Friday morning.

Hopefully my Amazon pre-order will already have arrived in the post and I can spend a few hours on the SP missions. w00t

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In Spain is out ;);) , and 20 euros !!


wow, cool screens man! could you post some more?

Yes ;) .

More features than GRAW - ghapics features like better shadows, better blur - I playing without blurr AA - , better models - more an nice tactics features - is posible playing with ghosts CrosCoom camera like one RTS in FPS camera -, quitsave etc better ghost AI etc .

The first sensation is - more easy !! not have challenge , the enemy AI is mediocre , is better in GRAW ! But I have proven some levels of the game - in Coop in lan and with one unlocker -, and the game have a progressive difficulty. In the eighth level - in easy - I have advanced 200 meters after several attempts ., and in ninth level, 20 meters *. The levels are more extensive that the level of demo . Great Great game , with some little bugs in this version . For replaying or play in internet for a one year ;)

and sorry for my english !





The ending , ver y very dificult






GRAW 2 "A Fistful Of Dollars" Streaming

GRAW 2 "A Fistful Of Dollars" Direct Donwload

720 p 230 MB video , "The Dam" level , with Ennio Morricone music

have some small artifacts of compresion , and this version have one error in the cut of the escenes , but looks nice



The second mision - in spanish "La cantera", " the quarry"- , HD video . Not is visualy a good level, is blurry - except some sunny zones - and game play is ... a bit boring, and the enemy Ai is .. well: rolleyes:

Streaming 123 mb

CLICK in the icon , in right corner down for the Fullscreen mode -1280 x 720 -

Direct download 123 mb


Lagoon - 360 level remake - 100 MB


Shadows and water in Lagoon 40 MB



EDIT / and no shadows in 8800 series wiht Forceware 160 series

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Any US stores getting copies early? If not, you guys are lucky. Now I feel left out. :unsure:

Im so freakin jealous... just installed my new Xtremegamer x-fi soundcard ready to go!

but now us in the US have to wait 6 more days? ahhhhhhhhhh

anyway, can anyone confirm the number and names of the MP maps? and any luck on locating SADS files?

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Just got my copy in the mail and played about an hour, The beta crashed for me and the multi player demo crashed full ver seems ok no crashes yet in single player. Have played about an hour in single player and got to mission 3 and have to say its a bit lame ! after awhile it just feels like graw 1 with better team commands and the battles have very little atmosphere in them. Team AI seems good but the enemy AI seems very dumb over all very disappointed with single player.

But i did get it for the multiplayer .

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