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TWL - GR:AW2 5v5 Recon v Assault Tournament

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TeamWarfare League (TWL) is pleased to announce our European Recon vs Assault Tournament for Ghost Recon:Advanced Warfighter 2, supported by Ubisoft & Rackage Servers.

The tournament format will feature the exclusive new PC game-mode Recon vs Assault.

Tournament sign-ups will be opening approx 2 weeks after the release of the game, with the projected start date being the 2nd week of August.

Thanks to Rackage Servers, we have a fabulous 1st place prize of a 32 Slot GR:AW2 Server for 3 months located in their London datacentre.

Ubisoft have also stepped up to support us, with some great GR:AW branded T-shirts & Mousemat/USB hub combos.

If we find anymore willing sponsors then the prize pool will be expanded accordingly. :D

Team sizes are expected to be 5v5, with space for 32 teams across 8 divisions, with 4 teams per division. The tournament format will be single elimination through the group stages, with the final 8 teams progressing to the finals. (We are still deciding if these should be single or double elimination format.)

The tournament discussion thread is now live over on TWL, located - here - where you can discuss all things tournament related. The rules are still being worked on, and we do appreciate feedback via the forums. I'll also be announcing updates to the tournament set-up in the linked thread.

The main tournament page can also be found - here- - where you can find out how to sign-up (when the time comes), who the sponsors are, what the prizes will be, what the play schedule will be, what teams have signed up, how the brackets are shaping up & most importantly what the rules will be. I'll be updating the tournament page over the next week or 2, so check back often for updates

You can also contact me via email - beaver@teamwarfare.com - and can also find us (me) on IRC in the #twl_gr channel on the irc.gamesurge.net network.

Note: This tournament is currently open to European Teams only.

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** 23rd July 2007 - Tournament Update - Delayed for a few weeks. **

Unfortunately, due to there still being some bugs within the dedicated server files (small memory leak & crashing) & the lack of a full set of console admin commands, I have no choice but to delay the sign-ups for the tournament until the next patch is released.

Sorry everyone, I'll update again once the GRIN guys are back from holiday & we see whats being worked on for the next patch.

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** 19th August 2007 - Tournament Update ***

I am pleased to further announce that the Tournament Sign-ups are now open & registration for all teams must be done by 1st September 2007.

The Main Tournament pages are now updated & live, available here:

TeamWarfare - EU - Recon vs Assault 2007 Tournament

The match schedule is posted in the Schedule section and are due to begin on Tuesday 4th September 2007.

All teams must have a minumum of 5 players on their roster by 1st September 2007 to qualify.

If you have any questions regarding the tournament, then please direct them to the Tournament Director: Beaver - via the TWL GR:AW2 forums or via email: beaver@teamwarfare.com

Get signed up soldiers!

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** Tournament Update - 1st Sept 2007 **

Unfortunately, due to the low number of sign-ups for this tournament, it will now not be taking place.

Although we had 15 teams sign up by the deadline of today, only 4 of those teams actually had the required minimum of 5 players on their roster to qualify.

Of the rest of the teams, 1 was inelgible to play due to being a US based team while the remaining teams all had 4 or less players on their rosters.

Hopefully in the near future, we may be able to try running the tournament.

Many thanks to Rackage & Ubisoft for their support.

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