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Moving Game Folder Configs

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posted in AGR-S but no one seems to around there anymore :(

My WinXP and other MS stuff are in my limited C: drive (30GB) and majority of my applications are installed in D:

I have 320GB HD that's partitioned that way. :D

but when I installed RB6Vegas, it installed C:\Documents and Settings\CplLedanek\My Documents\Ubisoft\R6Vegas:







Question: can these folders be configured to be installed in my D:\ drive with the rest of the files (D:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas)?


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While you can't set individual paths, you can relocate the entire "My Documents" folder to drive D very easily.

Just right click on "My Documents", select "Properties", select "Move", and create a new folder on D. Then, your "My Documents" folder will be migrated to your new path.

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You only posted this at agr-s today, and you got a reply within 10 minutes.

Try and keep R6 stuff over there, thanks.

sorry, didn't see ~NkOgNiTo~ lurking :shifty: ...get it?

Thanks Dannik! ...as usual. :whistle:

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You need to right click on the "My Documents" folder on your desktop or in your main Start Menu, not in your file tree. Alternately, it may be possible to just drag the folder from the tree to it's new location (in another window).

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