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Let's spare a thought today with RedMonster,... as the xfire transcript details...

=]7[=REDMONSTER: hey man

Rocky: hi

=]7[=REDMONSTER: hows things

Rocky: fine fine, you?

=]7[=REDMONSTER: eh would be better if i had my own computer lol

Rocky: ?

=]7[=REDMONSTER: my computers at home are rboken down adn am only on since im at an internet cafe and its been nearly a month lol

=]7[=REDMONSTER is computer starved lol

Rocky: oh man, a net cafe?!!! That sucks! whats up with your PC? And how to you use XFire in a net cafe lol

=]7[=REDMONSTER: i downloaded it lol

Rocky: lmao, they let you install stuff?

=]7[=REDMONSTER: yep

=]7[=REDMONSTER: but it gets uninstalled as soon as the computer is restarted lol

=]7[=REDMONSTER: brb gotta pay for another hour

Rocky: lmapimp

Poor guy, let's count our blessings that our gaming PCs are up and running!

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