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Grafic driver 7.100?

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Ive just installed Graw 2 MP demo, when the game does a system check i get the following as a negative point

"Grafic driver 6698" ver 7.100 is required. this game may not run on your system

Seems like the 2D driver is the probelm, but ive searched google, here, ATI´s site and Ubi forums and i cant find any info on a 7.100 driver :wall:

Ive got a Powercolor X1950 Pro (512MB) with the latest drivers and CCC (7.6).

Driver Packaging Version	8.383-070613a-048640C-ATI	

Catalyst® Version	07.6	

Provider	ATI Technologies Inc.	

2D Driver Version	

2D Driver File Path	System/CurrentControlSet/Control/Video/{C65BBA34-1125-4A27-BAF8-4584D519B730}/0000	

Direct3D Version	

OpenGL Version	

Catalyst® Control Center Version	2007.0613.1506.25058	

AIW/VIVO WDM Driver Version	

AIW/VIVO WDM SP Driver Version	

AV Stream (T200) Driver Version

Edit: Well on playing the game, everything seems ok. When doing the auto detect under the video options everything gets set to high, and smooth edging is also on, getting around 20FPS according to fraps, time for a new CPU. :wacko:

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