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ageia card not being picked up ?!?!?! it does recognise it in the MP demoe, but not the SP ? same MP driver for Ageia. 7.05.17 -- anyone else have tis problem ? or am i the only one with Ageia card :) SP demo is great, definitely getting this game... I`m hoping the co-op is as good as the MP & SP :)

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mixed feelings.

I remember the GRAW demo left me unsatisfied. I played it over and over again. GRAW2, not so much. It feels like I'm not gonna play it as much.

If feels like the new Cross-Com isn't quite as easy to use as the first one.

First of all, the scroll wheel doesn't zoom the map anymore. I liked the first Cross Com better

Second, if I move a ghost, give him a cover order and then select another ghost I wanna move, the Cover order is still selected. Almost every time I did this the first order I gave was "cover this" instead of "move", forcing me to Undo the order, select move and give a new order. I didn't like this very much

And giving a Cover order the ghost sometimes keep shooting at the ground two feet in front of them (especially if the ground is sloped, or as in this demo, to the left of the spawn I gave the ghost order to cover down onto the road, but they ended up shooting the ground just in front of them instead!)

I did most of the work myself, cause it felt cumbersome to issue the orders

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I have only completed take the outpost down so far....I have enjoyed what I've seen and done. I loved moving my guys through the abandonded vilage and hearing something like "enemy down" while only hearing the rports of my team's weapons...makes cover selection feel good...I like the overall interface better and really like there are more team members to choose from.... that also gives a chance to control team expertise composition..the weapons were fun and there was more choice there, love having smoke grenades, was glad to know I had em when I heard ".....convoy on your six......" Oh, and love the choice the of inserts! Nice move GRIN!

I had one problem...when I open the program the audio is squelched, its there but very muffled through the logos and the opening cinema...I still don't know what that story is about...audio is fine after I goto the actual interface GUIs..and game world...I remember experiencing that with Men of Valor and they had to patch that if I remember...I have the Realtek onboard an ASUS P5WD2-E Premium MB...

mig :ph34r:

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Had fun playing this demo, I tried assault the first time, then recon the second time.

Both were fun, the flow was great. The game saw all my settings and hardware, recognized the Ageia card fine. I set everything to extreme were possible.

I do wish the mouse scroll or a key stroke would zoom/un-zoom the tactical map. I see the EAX setting stays on now.

The AI is a bit dumb but I wasn't playing on realistic just normal. I shot a AI and the one next to him just kept on walking looking like he was still in a conversation with his "now dead" friend. You would think that once a AI was shot (and not alone) the other AI would drop to the ground and call in a alert and the base would go hot, or you would have to shoot all the enemy in one blast with silencers on to keep you detection hidden, that is unless another AI patrols the area and sees his fallen comrades/amigos.

Anyway it was fun and enjoyable IMO.

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The only two things that make me mad is not being able to zoom in and out when setting waypoints and not being able to select extra GL grenades. I use quit a few grenades in Quarterback in GRAW 1 and the 5 grenades in this would really kill me. I'm also wondering whether we'll be able to take a zeus or something sweet like that cause the helicopter did present quite a problem. I kinda wish they added COOP cause that would be a blast. That's the negatives. Now for the Positives.

I love the fact that you can replay the videos cause I'm quite the jokester and I remember in GRAW 1, I'd be crackin a joke and my friend(Team Leader) would be like "Dude, I didn't get to hear what he said."Now he'll have no excuse. I also like the fact that you can give orders to the team through their cross com video. I wish you could do the same for the drone but it doesn't look like that will be the case. Still a cool feature though. The grenade sounds are sweet and I do love being able to customize my weapons unlike the MP demo. I'm still left wondering where the Barrett is. I didn't see it for Humes(Sniper) I'm wondering will it be in there later or will it be there in that map in the full version? I love the new recon mode. We used to have a nickname for Allen and Kirkland in GRAW. "The Tweedles" Just because they were always screwin up. This is definately gonna be a useful feature. And finally, I love the weapon sounds. Just so sweet. I think GRIN finally fixed that sound glitch. Anyways, I'm out. Gonna tear up some bots. Have a good 'un.

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I just finished clearing the bridge. Little disappointed of my squad's AI. It seems more stupid than GRAW.

Just let them go behind a car and give a cover that order to cover the other side of the bridge, they keep shooting at the car and enemy kill all my squad :ph34r:

Some comments for the demo.

1, Map design was great, enemies are everywhere.

2, New satellite can clearly see where are the enemies, drone seems useless. (For this mission, yes. Red diamond disappear when you zoom in.)

3, Can not give an order to drone when full screen viewing.

4, In Recon mode my team won't return fire until they die? I think it will just like R6V, return fire only...

5, Again the squad AI, I saw a stupid guy use the GL, the grenade hit the wall and rebound.

6, Luckily we have a improved armor. The stupid guy still alive.

7, Enemies snipe me using a G36K without a scope <_< .

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You know it's inevitable so here it the thread for it. 0:)

I'm not sure if I'm just approaching the whole "cover that" thing wrong or what, but I was getting pretty irritated every time I told one of the troops to "cover that" and they interpreted that as "keep firing at the area until I run out of ammo, or the commander switches me back to recon". Bug, doctrinal change, I dunno. Its just irritating.

Second, when selecting weapons, you have to completely unequip a gun and then re-equip with the attachments you want if you screw up or if you don't like the default setup. No more double clicking on the appropriate attachment to add or subtract it.

Third its a crap shoot as to whether or not you automatically leave the helo during insertion, or if you have to "press x to exit vehicle". I'd prefer the latter, but some consistency would be awesome either way. Didn't really find the multiple insertions to be terribly useful, but that could be a product of the mission we get to demo.

Haven't really noticed if the ai is actually better, or if its just the interface. However, the zero response when I kill half of a two man patrol is a little suspicious. Also, my troops remain nowhere near as effective at spotting and killing bad guys as I am. Even when i provide optimum cover and fire lanes for them. Even so, with the improved interface (and the babysitting experience from the first GRAW), my troops run into enemy fire a lot less. I do miss the scroll wheel support on the TacMap, but otherwise the entire command interface is a marked improvement over the old one.

Otherwise, it looks good. I'll be picking this thing up as soon as I can.

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Yeah one thing I miss is actually seeing inside the chopper and going down the fastrope or out of the back of the Stryker by hitting X and then hitting X to get back inside the vehicles for exfil. Cause that's where we joked around the most. Provided a lot of good laughs. I do miss the old chopper pilot(grrr Ontiveros!) And I didn't like how it skipped straight to exfil as soon as I planted the C4 on the bridge. Other than that it's pretty sweet. I think everybody misses the mousewheel for zooming in and out of the tac map.

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Cool...I been offline 3 months and SP demo is out. :)

Ok, I played 10 mins.

I like it so far.

Theres an improvement on AI teammates but they still get confused when receiving orders .

I dont like the way they die sometimes.too :huh:

Enemies AI is better too.

I like the Gri-ish feel of the map.

Better immersion..sounds and gfx are really good.

I only got an x600 but it runs smoother than GRAW. :Yet.

Cant wait to play on new vidcard. :D


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Since my friend doesn't visit these forums on a regular basis, I'll go ahead and tell you what he thinks. He hates the insertions. That's pretty much it. He could care less about not being able to zoom in to set waypoints. Me and him used to LOVE the first person insertions and now that's gone. That's a real bummer for both of us just because we used to joke around during them and it also made you feel like you were there when you were fast roping from a Blackhawk or getting out of the back hatch of the Stryker. And now everytime he plays it(if he plays it) I'm gonna have to here about the fact that you can't fast rope in yourself. He said he didn't care if they delayed it another six months just as long as they fixed that. I'm not that extreme but he really does hate it. I'm hoping there's no more delays but now that they released the demo before the actual game, I'm thinking they probably will. One thing I really would love is to have the ability to take extra GL grenades or extra ammo. My friend needs extra ammo cause he uses the SCAR-H. Unfortunately, I think that's the reason they made it so you can pick up enemy weapons. While I don't mind pickin up a G36K to finish the mission, I'd really prefer to have extra GL grenades or extra ammo. I'm really hoping us SP/COOP players get the MULE in most missions because if we can't equip ourselves with extra grenades/ammo at the start, atleast let us have the MULE for when we're running out near the end of the mission. That's all I gotta say.

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Wish the MP graphics looked as nice as the SP does.

AI is still retarded but improved to TMR status I guess, oh and they talk too much. I don't care for the cheerleader style comments after every time I shoot an opfor, once or twice during a mission would be fine.

I noticed the SR's even when using suppressors are just as loud as in MP (non suppressed) and even the AI opfor seems to hear it, but can't hear a grenade 60m away :blink:

Team control seems a little smoother, cross com is better.

Opfor AI even though slightly smarter than a bag of hammers on normal become X-ray spidey senses alert on "hardcore"....sniped with a g36 iron sights at 102m uhm... yea <_<

All in all it was a fun level although a bit short..hopefully it's only 1/2 or a 1/3 of a the full game mission.

Fast roping like GRAW1 will be missed.

but I like that you don't have to watch the insertion clip if you die !! :thumbsup:

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Want to say tks to GRIN for the realease of an sp demo...2 demos for 1 games never saw that before and I wasn't expected it.That's the part I was waitin cause I am 100% coop.I tried it and I found it too easy.The AI is zombie to me campare to [GR] coop in GRAW.The sniper on the tower was shooting at me with a pistol come on guys put a heavy sniper there at least an make the ai move more (ping-pong recon instead of guard zombie behind a sandbag)that way you dont know when they can flank you.Do ennemies AI still using the mg on the panhard well the fourth bots beside the panhard the other side of bridge are no good there(zzzzzzzzzz).I hope you change that before games comes out.Runs very smooth until text messages appears almost freeze screen for a second.The pink diamonds appear and desapear when aiming or not.Did you try the mg to shoot the baddies an the choppers on the bridge....the only thing I saw was fire in front of me can you put something to aim on it and put a overheat stopper on it ...cause I know some...gonna jump on this and shoot like crazy blind.I also shoot an AI 3 times with auto gl I saw him fell down each times and he got up man what a superhero...The positive toughts very nice map,the sky is awesome an very interesting props brushes also a very good choice of guns.Hope the campaign is as challenging as GRAW was I mean don't want to win the campaign in the first weekend.Will it be an editor when games comes out or are we gonna have to wait till a patch?

Rate the demo

1.Map 9/10

2.AI team 7/10

3.AI ennemies 3/10 :nono:

4.Guns 8/10

5.global 6/10

Very nice cinematics hearing the voice of AI team ask me 'capt capt capt' all the time make me feel like shout up or I killed you lol.I'll wait this time before buying it,just until I'm sure there's a map editor available...then I make my own missions and extreme firefight...gtg have a map to finish ;)

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GRIN, please take note of this. I downloaded the latest drivers for my system which are the 162.18 beta drivers that Nvidia just released. Both the mp and sp demo of GRAW2 do not work with this driver. The graphics are corrupt with missing textures and stuff. Also, the driver causes problems with the shadows in the original GRAW. I would like to be able to use the latest drivers with GRAW2 when it comes out, but it's starting to look like Nvidia is totally unaware of the problem the 162.18 driver has with GRAW2 and GRAW. Please inform Nvidia of the problem the latest xp driver causes in GRAW2 mp and sp demos.

PS: Great job GRIN with the sp side of GRAW2. It's much better than the original GRAW I think. Keep up the good work.

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Overall very positive. The first time around I did a mix of assault and recon, and both modes worked out well with my squad mates. Enemy and team AI behaved rather well (MUCH better than GRAW 1, but not as good as a few other titles out there). I suppose the only thing I don't like is the triangle for the scope on the Rx4, but other than that awesome. Now to see if I can mod this a little...

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After d/l it two times from two different places and numerous reboots, it will not install on my pc... It just hangs and hangs and my pc just freezes up... I have an Intel 2.4 gig with an ATI 256 meg x800xt card and 1.5 gig of RAM....

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