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Shadow Recon's bike


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I was asked to post these pictures a long time ago, but I forgot. :blush:

Anyway, SR sold her blue 99 Saturn back in April so that she could purchase this bike. When I first saw the bike it was green. As you can tell by the images she has since painted it.

It's a 600 cc '05 Yahama R6.





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Yeah, Roco, too fast! It has been said that her bike happens to be the fastest in the county. :blink:

Rocky, SR and her husband own and run a detailing shop here. They do this kind of paint job regularly on cars and bikes. :yes:

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Hey, long time no see! How you doing?

Yeah, it's a nice bike. I've always been more partial to the CBR if we're talking 600cc bikes (or, if we really want to discuss it, a Fireblade or a 999!!), but Yamaha have really come on strong with the R6 and the R1... I certainly wouldn't mind one. Nice paint job on it too.

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Nice bike. My Niece has an R6. It is the dark blue style. Certainly no custom paint job like THAT.

Looks like you have a speed scrape on the clutch side mirror. Hope you learned to respect the road. It took me a few of those before I learned not to be an IDIOT on mine. When you go close to 100mph you have virtually ZERO tolerance for error and ZERO tolerance for adversity. A cat, gravel, dew covered road, tire trouble, or driver drifting into a lane and you can be a cripple for LIFE.

There is this one really long stretch of road where I live with a bridge over a chasm. This guy was driving in excess of a 100 mph when a tractor trailer moved to the left lane with no signal. The motorcyclist drove right into the back tire...and was sucked right into the trailer wheels. Needless to say he didn't survive.

If he would have somehow survived...well let's just say he didn't have any limbs left. Can you imagine living like that? I had the pleasure of arriving at the scene about 15 minutes after it happened. The road was closed and after a half hour wait...EVERYBODY headed in the northbound lane got a look they will never forget.

I have a 600cc Triumph Speed Four


My niece and I didn't do any comparisons of speed, acceleration, and stop time..but they seem fairly equal. I think I have some early acceleration advantage, but she has a little more top-end.

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That is a sweet looking paint job. (I'd say something else but ZJJ threatened me pulverize me at the 2o2k gathering :) ) I just traded my 2006 Ninja 650R for 2003 HD Heritage Soft Tail. I found everytime I rode it I would find the straightest road and see how fast I could go, 120 mph was it for me. When I arrive home looking at my wife and three kids reminds me that it only takes a second to end it all.

This past spring my buddy (ridng a 2001 Honda Superhawk 996) and I were riding home from a bike night. just as we get into an "S" curve two deer leap >50 yrds in front of me. After I finished soiling my pants I could have reached out and pet them. My buddy, who was behind me, said my rear tire lifted 8 inches off the ground. I was lucky, had I applied the rear brakes a little more the bike would have gone down and he would have gone right over me. Or worse, somthing like this could have happened.

If you haven't already take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course.

Live to ride, ride to live. Always wear a helmet, Leather jacket or riding jacket with armor, boots, and jeans.

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There are bold riders, and old riders, but not many old bold riders.

Tell her to Ride safe, and keep the rubber side down.

Nice bike.

Not as good as a Honda tho :thumbsup:

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