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Last details for a map.


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Im finishing an [GR] map, it works ok, now i would want to make this things, just to make it more complete:

1) How can i show a message at the end, when i reach the zone 2?, i.e. "you completed the mission, blah, blah, blah" before the game goes to the blue screen?

2) how to put the text at the beggining (not when the game starts, but when loading the map, to give a description of the mission, as i´ve seen in all the other maps i played?

3) Can i add a "ground" or "world" (i dont know how to call it) lets say, an ocean, so it is below my map, so it looks like an island? (I m not talking about the static layer stuffs)


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hi there

to 1) there is a scriptcomand for it but only the host will see it not the client

the comand is <element type="ShowMessage" msg="Mission completed successfully!"/>

to 2) open the description.xml and look for this line <level_desc value="you can enter your description here"

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np, so where´s the download link :P:D

Yeah, i ll upload it after testing it for some days, and making little adjustments.

Bad thing render times are not friendly, im missing the good old days of GR1 map making :D

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