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An assault rifle is a rifle that can fire in burst or full automatic. It is not easy to obtain a Class III Firearm permit to own a full automatic rifle or submachine gun in most states in the United States.

If you are talking about a semi automatic rifle (like the a Bushmaster AR-15 or a Springfield M-1A) most states have few restrictions on owning semi automatic firearms.

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Awesome. Is it legal to own an assault rifle?

Assault Rifles arent clearly defined to most people.... The basics of them though are selective fire switches that allow you to shoot in semi, burst, or auto modes.

Civilians can own them here in the US but it comes with a fairly hefty tax and you must go through the ATF and state to apply for it or local goverment leaders to speed things up a bit (sherrif or governor) Have to keep them in safes or somthing else like that too i think.

Other then that Semi-autos its 18 and up + criminal background checks.

Pistols are 21 and up + background checks.

All of this differs from state to state and even town to town.


Sam used a FN F2000.

and FN five-seven

As for how much that all costs.... depends on each rifle..... FS2000 will run 1800+$

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