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Another knucklehead

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Best thing to do is run Fraps in the background all the time, and when you catch one of these guys get his account and IP banned.


Where and to whom do I send this info?


I sent the links for my video to Rocky and to Colin (UBI mod). Both were on it right away. Now I'm not sure if Rocky wants to handle this stuff every time so if he can post some instructions it would be nice.

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That definitely appears to be a speed hack.

Game hacked before it's out. lolololol :blink:

Almost every game is hacked before it comes out if it had a demo.

Well in theory a speed cheat would work in every game ever, and honostly I think I've seen one in every FPS I've played. :wall:

Remember this guy and when you timed going up the stairs? Right about after GRAW was released.

Theres certain things that can be done to detect speed cheaters. PunkBuster is one but we aren't so lucky. Another option has to be server based that looks at how fast people are moving.

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