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ICE is recruiting

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If you are looking for a squad that

plays like a real squad and not just

ramboing it then check us out.


You can check us out at: www.icesoldier.com

We are a all adult squad with min age to join being 18

we have a dedicated Team Speak server as well and plans for a GRAW2 server when avaible

we plan to play in several GRAW2 ladders

we are only looking to have about 10 to 12 squad members.

we also dont believe in have a big squad.

If this sounds like what you are looking for then check us out

and fill out a recruitment form at our site.

Our recruitmen proccess is easy all you do is show up on TeamSpeak with us and hang

with the group if you work good with the squad your in. You dont have to worry about

your score just good team work skills.

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Want mature folks who can cover their assignments while controlling the urge to “ramboâ€. Team strategy most important; high kill counts less important. ][CE will be hiring 6-8 Special Ops who fit this profile. :yes:

Ladder play? You bet. We aim to own. :thumbsup:

Interested? Drop by http://www.icesoldier.com and fill out an app then drop me a note at Roll@icesoldier.com and say you’re interested in knowing more about ][CE Squad.

Roll ][ce

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