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When will disgusting ranking system be dropped?


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We as a Ghost Recon community have asked for alot in the past about what we wanted in the next generation of GR games, whilst some of it has been put in and others have not. One major essence of the whole game has been lined up in front of a concrete wall and shot to tatters with a M240B!

Why? Why have Ubisoft sullied the Ghost Recon name with a rankings system that has turned players into ego-maniacs and not ones who just want to enjoy the game. For those unaware, in GRAW 2 in rankings you get a number placed beside your name which equals a military rank e.g. 1 = private 5 = sergeant etc.

Now to progress more quickly in this ranking system you have to ONLY play people that are hovering around your number by say minus 1 place and plus 2 places e.g. your 5 so you place against people mostly who are 4, 6 and 7.

After having very well played with the Alpha Squad since 2002 (discussing cricket amongst over things) I have learnt to treat over players with high regard and maximum respect. Yet when I now log onto Xbox Live and begin to try and play a ranked match of GRAW 2 I suffer like a majority of others the dreaded "You have been ejected." notice. My crime? I wasn't the same military rank as them!

This system has made the game incredibly frustrating to try and play in ranked and I know for a fact the 100% of people I discuss this with over Xbox Live agree that its just plain stupid. Furthermore I know alot of people that won't touch the ranked side of the game because of the silly ejections. Ghost Recon isn't an RPG you don't need to be a certain level like World Of Warcraft to fight, being a level 20 against a level 1 won't save you from their bullets! The situation is, that the military ranking system needs to be removed so people can actually enjoy the ranked games and be able to join any game without being "ejected" 10 times beforehand for no crime committed.

The majority of other games e.g. Gears Of War etc do not have this level up business and I firmly and harshly believe the reasoning for this is that you can bloody well see Shooting game be they tactical or arcade are about having fun and not being ejected because of some silly RPG aspect.

Who else supports me in ditching the Military Rank from GRAW 2?

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Im not after the military rank, but i have all the achievements so im going for my rank on the actual leaderboard as a sniper and as such dont go care what military rank the people are that I play against, e.g. just before i was Level 5 happily playin against people going form 1 to 3 and enjoying myself alot as everyone was having fun.

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Now I play alot of GRAW 2 online. I meet up with my brother in law, uncles and a few other "real life" friends at midnight every Friday and Sat (if I'm not in the pub).

But we don't play ranked matches just friendly. And we leave the room open for anyone who wants to join.

Anyway thats not the point of my post. My point is about ranked matches. When I first got GRAW 2 I played a few ranked matches and got up to level 7 or something. But last week I went to play a few ranked matches. But kept getting booted out of at least 20 matches. I soon realised that my ranking had went from 7 back to 0. As I didn't play any ranked matches in a few months.

So now its impossible to get a ranked match at all. The host just boots you thinking that you are new to the game. Am I just unlucky that I went into rooms full off $%£'s!!! Or does anyone else have the same problem.

No harm I rate myself fairly high on GRAW 2 I average about 20-30 kills in a 15 match all the time.

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i ran into the same predicament. i was a rank 6 and didn't play for awhile and dropped to zero. but that's not a true zero. all you have to do is play about one ranked match(if you can get into a room). and your rank should go back to where you left off. i'm not too fond of ranked matches because you usually end up playing with a bunch of jerks who care only about ranking up and not about the integrity of the game. i do think, however, that the ranking system needs a patch so that the search allows you to join rooms similar to your rank. but that my 2 cents.

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