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GRAW2 Australian Clans / Players Listing

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G'day Gamers,

I run www.Vyp3rGaming.com which i have setup with the intent to allow Australian Gamers of the GR / R6 Series a place to mingle, chat and organise things outside of a clan forum and for a place for other Clans to meet also.

I want to build a list of Australian Gamers and Clans who are going to or who are active in the Ghost Recon series so that well... its easier to find local players and organise events. Ie, the other day i organised some players from 3 different clans and some randoms to try out a server i was hosting and to have some low ping goodness.

Vyp3rGaming.com has their own TS2 Channels on the Autralian Internode Games Network TS Server to help in Voice comes while ingame.

So, if there are any Aussie gamers lurking in the forums please jump accross, sign up and throw your details (and your clans if applicable) onto the thread titled "Vyp3rGaming.com Clan Listing (Clicky)" to help grow the list and make life easier for us all.

Thanks for your support Guys. I intend to have a good look around GR.net and see what a great community this is.



Vyp3rGaming.com Founder

Clan =ADF= Member.

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Nice pimping there Rne. Lets help to get this game going in Australia.

I believe that Internode and Game Arena will be hosting Servers once the Retail Release and SADS are available. So it may be happy days ahead if we can get a good community base going.

So come on Aussie come on! Lets support GRAW2.

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