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I was experiencing a crash back to desktop after the flash and black screens. Looked through forum for answers, tried re-installs of both game and patch 1.35, re-installed graphics drivers, deleted WinXP update KB917422 etc. Nothing worked. Then I cleaned out and re-installed my sound drivers :) GRAW loaded and runs fine.

Reason I had this problem in the first place was because I've just replaced a Radeon 9800PRO with a X1950PRO because somebody posted here that they had same spec as me but with a 1950 and it was running butter smooth on top settings. SO IS MINE....fantastic!!!


AMD 64 3200 2Ghz

1 Gb ram

ATI Radeon X1950Pro (catalyst 7.5)

WD 120Gb HD

LG Super Multi DVD/CD

Sound Blaster Live Platinum 5.1/Cambridge Soundworks DTT3500 Digital

XP Professional SP2

DX 9c

PS I should add that, prior to this upgrade I was running on a XFi Platinum sound card but I went back to the Live card because the XFi plugging isn't compatible with the DTT3500 Digital speaker system and I could only get stereo playback!

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