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Wow, it's been a minit since I've been around the forums. Looks like you guys did some redecorating since the last time I checked in. New board software, new colors; hopefully the same old GR crowd.

While I was away boosting my education & career up a notch, I was plagued by a statement by one of my professors. He said - and I quote - "I wish there was someway to keep up with when my IP address changes so that I can get into my server at home..." >_<

Well, I picked up a class on VB.Net and just went nuts. I kept thinking about that one statement as I went through Server '03 & Networking 101. I thought about it as I studied Cisco & network security. And for the last 3 months, I thought about it while I Googled how to write a Windows service.

And now I offer you the fruits of my labor for evaluation and critique. I have just released the first beta of DynIP Monitor and I would be most honored if the same community that shared the love of a game that got me into networking in the first place would put its seal of approval on it. You can get the software at http://webpages.charter.net/bodhis3mta3/dynip

I'll check PMs on this board periodically or, if you prefer, you can email me directly @ bodhis3mta3@hotmail.com

Be gentle. And thanks a million...

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