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Xfire & GRAW 2

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I don't rather care for gamespy but, ca you get the guys at Xfire some of the net code so we can host games over Xfire? Xfire is excellent for gaming and is a very stable platform for gaming. not to mention, I've used it for years.

can you guys get some way of getting Xfire to play GRAW2?

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F1 to Xfire support.

I still do not understand why anyone would team up with GameSpy.

People asked for an in-game browser and this is what Ubisoft decreed for GRAW. GRIN should create their own game browser and incorperate direct IP connections for the game.

Wonder why GRIN didn`t make there own game browser. Would make a lot of people happy.



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There are 2 things missing for Xfire support in GRAW. That is up to GRIN to add.

1) is the query information. GRAW1 does not return player information with the GS/Xfire query. All that can be parsed from the query is the number of players currently in the server. If you goto our website www.fatalityincorporated.com you will see example of php query that uses the available information returned from the server. At the bottom right is the server block. You will notice that no players names will shown even though the number of players is correct. The Ravenshield servers will show players in them because the server returns player information when queried.

I notified GRIN of this months ago when we were trying to design the server block and I hope they did something about it for GRAW 2. If they have changed it, then at the very least we may be able to see where our friends are playing and if there is room in the server via Xfire.

2) Direct join by IP from command line. Again this is up to GRIN to add this functionality. With it it would allow the XFIRE client to launch and join a particular server.

Will GRIN have implented this? I dunno, but I would at least like to see what servers my friends are playing in and who is playing in the server I host. So I hope they listened to my email from a while ago and looked into it.

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The buddy system uses GAMESPY'S buddy system, if you every used it it's ok. Add your GRAW2 buddies by request via the game. Ends up like the Favorites for the server list. I agree Xfire is 10X better, does more too, but Beggars GRAW players can't be choosers.



Buddy system from


<string id="multi_buddy_list" value="Buddy list"/>

<string id="multi_buddies_close" value="Close" />

<string id="multi_buddy_info" value="Buddy info"/>

<string id="multi_header_message" value="Enter your message"/>

<string id="multi_add_buddy_error" value="Error: can't add buddy !"/>

<string id="multi_message_add_buddy" value="Please let me add you to my PlayerSpy player list."/>

<string id="multi_deny_buddy" value="Deny"/>

<string id="multi_authorize_buddy" value="Authorize"/>


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Just wondering if anyone has gotten Xfire's in game chat to work yet inside GRAW2?

It's important to me and many others. and experience has tuaght me that long before Xfire supports something, people often figure out a tweak to get it working (or they figure out what is interfering with it .... for example .... FRAPS prevents XIG from working in ArmA)

Anyone? Seen it work in game yet?

[Merged with the existing Xfire & GRAW 2 thread]

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Nope, but I sent an email to newgames@xfire.com requesting support. Anyone who uses xfire should do the same. Get the ball rolling.

Good idea. Email sent. Gotta get their attention on the matter.

I also posted a top level thread at the "unresolved tech support" section of their forums.

for those wanting to add to the forum post, here it is...


EDIT: X-fire admin has already replied (in the thread linked above) and stated they fully intend to support GRAW2PC in teh next release. At this point, I see no advantage in piling in on them with emails and forum posts.

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Within minutes of my post at the X-Fire forums, the x-fire rep (RainCrow - Site Admin) showed up and posted that it was going to be supported in the very next update. They make updates daily sometimes. I'm guessing within a week, this issue will be resolved.

And FYI. Raincrow is the guy who took care of the ArmA issues when it first came out and still helps people learn about the interference of FRAPs with ArmA XIG. He is the real McCoy.

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You can turn on xfire right now if your prepared to edit the xfire_games.ini file.

There are some limitations, for instance you still have to change your xfire status yourself as others will not see you as in game, so set your status to something like "Playing Graw2, Xfire in game chat is enabled" before you launch the game. Also when you type in the xfire chat window in game sometimes typing "o" will bring up the console in game.. If your ok with that then follow instructions below..

  1. Open xfire_games.ini file found usually at Program Files\Xfire
  2. Copy the following and paste it at the very bottom of the file. (noting the InGameFlags part is all one line with no spaces not 2 as it shows here)

    LongName=Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter2
    LauncherDirKey=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\InstalledPath

  3. Save & Exit the file
  4. Run game detection in xfire (Tools>Options>Games)
  5. Start Graw (Remembering to change your status first :))

This will automatically get overwritten when xfire does an update so it wont interfere with anything in the future...

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Great discovery DesRat,

And FYI to others. It appears that if you do this tweak, and then the release comes out next week with the "official" fix, the official fix will overwrite this file anyway. So this temp fix wont leave any residual interaction you have to worry about.

I'm gonna fire it up right now.

EDIT: oops. Desrat already said that..... sneaky bastage...

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Looks like Xfire has added support for GRAW 2 already. 7/19 update:


New support for:

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

D.i.R.T. – Origin of the Species

Hospital Tycoon

Mount & Blade

World in Conflict - BETA

Mysteries of the Sith

Sword of the New World: Granado Espada

Transformers: The Game

Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2


Great job. :thumbsup:

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