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The Release Date Fiasco

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Im am probably in the minority here...but honestly....I have lost all interest at this point....I still get on here...hoping to see some ground breaking pics or news....but unlike GRAW 1 were I was chomping at the bit...and did preorder....after getting to be involved in the BETA trial.....I did not even bother to try the DEMO.....just felt like more of the same.....and while I wont even say thats a bad thing.....there were a lot of things from [GR] that I have wanted to see get moved up into GRAW...and it didnt feel like they were going to make it into GRAW 2 either....It still felt just like GRAW to me.

Now part of this may be due to the fact that I do not play a lot of MP. My buddies and I get together...and we play CO-OP all the way....mission by mission.....and thats what I prefer to do.....

Trust me when I say this....I LOVE GHOSE RECON....and can honestly say I never see a time in my life where I am not playing it a few times a year....but right now...we still end up playing [GR] ...thanks to all the modders out there.... and until that same type of feel and mod ability comes to GRAW we probably will continue with [GR].

Oh I am sure GRAW 2 will get my bucks...as well as all my CLANS $$$ as well. But last time...we all preordered....this time...well unless the reviews here are so overwhelming I cant stay away...probably just going to wait till it starts to drop in price.


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Yeah I'm definately wondering why they released a beta. It kinda seems pointless because they released the demo, we gave our feedback, and now they delayed it to improve on that. So in a sense, it feels like the demo was just a beta released to the whole public.

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but i sure miss GHOST RECON for what it WAS.

Here Here :hmm: but we might as well :wall:

I have to incline myself to say that's true. Ghost Recon has been lost to time. I also have to say GRAW2 is a truly great effort in comparison to GRAW1.

I think this has to do with changing themes. why do they have to build a game about the future? [GR], OICW got scraped. GRAW and the XM8..scraped. how many of these GRAW2 weapons will survive albeit the scar?

why can't we get a current scenario? do not expose the wars of today, afghan or IRAQ mind you but, the weapons tactics but a different venue?

As for the release date and GRAW2 as a whole..I have a hard time believing Texas is all sand a desert. doesn't Texas have Grass? <_<

oh I'm sorry..only at Texas stadium in Dallas :P

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After all these years of games getting delayed last-minute..or even far in advance...people still manage to surprise themselves that they actually believed in the dates. Believe the date when there are shipping confirmations out there...not earlier. Still didn't learn to NOT get your hopes up until the game actually hit the shelves ?

We have a winner.

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That's assuming it is released in July. I know it says the release date's confirmed for the 17th of July(for us U.S. gamers) but if GRIN releases a SP demo, I'm sure people are gonna complain about something and it will be pushed back again. I know somebody said it was delayed because of SP reasons but I'm not sure I believe that seeing as how it was delayed after all the feedback from the MP demo. I am crossing my fingers for the 17th but like Rookie said, I'm not gonna get my hopes up until the day it's shipped and there's confirmation that it was shipped. I'm out.

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