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System Reboot! Anyone else?

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I have now Downloaded GRAW2 3 times from 3 different servers.....same routine:

1) DL

2) Run setup.exe

3) Get error on the initial try

4) Retry to run setup.exe

5) Seems to install ok

6) Click on GRAW2 Desktop icon to play

7) Looks as though its loading

8) After about 10 secs and while at the initial GRAW2 loading screen with the bar installing my system reboots itself!

THATS IT! over and over. I have neverhad an issue installing, playing any UBI product.

Anyone else with this issue? Anyone? Bueller?

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First of all, GRAW 2 - Tech Support-post, not General.

Second, we need more details on your system, OS etc. Are you even meeting the min requirements ?

Often when you encounter trouble with installation, your OS is not up to date, but it not necessarily has to be that.

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Oh yeah my bad.....if a Mod could move this to Tech Support that would be great! Its early here. :blink: Thanks

System Specs:

Windows XP Pro SP2 with all updates

5400+ Dual Core AMD

2GB mem


SB Audigy 2 ZS Platinum

ALL Video and Sounds Drivers are up to date.

It does the system check right after install and says I meet all the requirements!

It seems when it starts up it goes into a window. Or maybe thats just a border around the initial startup screen.

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