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GRAW 2 is looking good

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i think the demo convinced me to buy it. i had the 1st one, and it was very buggy, and the graphics werent all that great. i mean the levels looked great, but hte players and guns looked horrible, and it ran bad, even on lowest, and of course i can max out the demo. i hope to see a large online populations hoping alot of people get it. its still sad the 360 version has much better graphics.

do you think the 9 levels are all different and thats 9 levels with 8 modes each?

how will single player be better?

will a lot get it?

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Been a While since I've posted; but I have to say I like this game a lot...however what I don't like is the map...I dunno, I really need to see these 8 other maps because on this maps it feels as if someone is forcing me to wear sunglasses that I can't take off.

besides that, I really like it, no qaulms really...except for a few I'll mention here and in the demo opinion topic

1.) What is up with the sound detection grid? does it not work in team death match? I really hate it when I know i've been shot, but I don't have an ubber sound system that tells which direction it came from, I look at my detector to know where to look, nope...it doesn't work!

I hate this the most when I'm being attacked by a sniper; jesus I here the bullets zoom by me, I wanna know what direction that thing came from, and sound being my only option~ I can't use it! Not to mention that you guys took at the tracers (or reduced them to the point that you have to be looking for tracers to see them.)

2.) Draw distance, when I"m a sniper I go to the highest point of the map, find a nice spot....I look down at the map hoping to see movement...32 players in the server..16 bad guys...You think I'de see them moving from cover to cover like rats in the dark...nope, I found that odd~maybe these guys are just really tactical!....NOPE I zoomed in on my allies diamonds only to see that their models don't show up, their guns flares do! but the models don't! My draw distance for the models is VERY limited, I dunno if its like that for everyone, but it is really...annoying that I can't even see my allies and I on'y see their gun flares as if a ghost (lol, pun) were shooting with an invisible gun!

I don't see a draw distance option...so I just assmumed its capped by the game, is their any way to fix this maybe?

so that explained why I wasn't seeing my enemies moving around!

those are my only gripes really...it all depends on the other maps!

the demo though for me is a 9/10, very well done.

So will I be buying the game? Probably...though they missed the KEY point of the game for me, team work, being able to communicate and attack as a team(sqaud)...however my current life style doesn't allow for the dedication it takes for a team work game, this is tactical still, but lacks communication team work which is fine, I'm a busy guy and I just like to hop in and be able to play with who I got! so good job their , haha!

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I want to wait for the reports from the Single Player when it comes out. So far I have heard more raves than I have heard bad reports. I will probably wait a bit after the game comes out, as I am right in the midde of GRAW itself and I would at least like to beat this animal before thinking about buying the next game. Of course if someone gets it for me, like birthday or such, I won't turn it down. :rolleyes:

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I was sold to the MP mode of GRAW2 even from the beta :D. So this means that i will kill the person that will try to review the game instead of me at the gaming site i'm working to. However if i don't succeed and won't write the review of it,i'll surely buy it :D

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They’ve balanced the weapons very well. I.e. sniper rifles long range and assault rifles mid-off range. But I have noticed the sniper rifles can still be efficient up close. Which is bad, they need to make them inaccurate or shake on close targets to help balance the game, and force snipers to do they job. But I can’t wait for the real thing. Nice work GRIN.

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